You’re hiding what? : New technology detects contraband in Maryland prisons

You’re hiding what? : New technology detects contraband in Maryland prisonsng

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – Across the state, there’s been a crackdown on contraband inside the prison system, after several high-profile corruption cases.

Crime & Justice reporter Joy Lepola says inmates have been put on notice to think twice before trying to smuggle in contraband in any of the state’s prisons.

It has become much easier to detect contraband behind bars.

New technology alerts officers to items like cell phones, which can be detected whether they’re turned on or not, and even with no battery in the unit.

Cell Sense is expected to cut down on witness intimidation that often happens behind bars through the use of cell phones.

There have also been correctional officers attacked inside facilities.

“The attack of a Delaware correctional officer in February and the attack on one of our officers in western Maryland in april prompted me to make a recommendation to purchase this,” said an official.

Unlike traditional metal detectors, these can detect contraband almost anywhere.

The state has already bought about 160 units and spent $1.8 million on the technology.

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