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What is Copy Trading?

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Copy trading explained

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading. The ideal solution for people who wish to buy and sell securities online, but don’t yet have the necessary knowledge or experience of the overall trading industry.

How, you ask? Well, it’s all in the name.

Copy trading is the process of replicating a professional trader’s positions, either automatically, semi-automatically, or manually. You only need to set the amount you want to invest and copy their actions in real time.

So when the trader makes a trade, your account will also carry out the same trade.

Simply put, you’re passively trading by relying on another trader’s knowledge to participate and generate returns in the markets. That way, you don’t lose control over the result.

While your chosen copy trader calls the shots on your behalf, you can still open and close trades whenever you want.

Plus, this way of trading can provide you with some learning experience, as you can learn from observing by following a trader’s success and making your own strategy.

Now, is it worth trying? Well, we’ll leave that decision to you.

You can hit gold with copy trading if you can precisely determine which trader will be successful and copy their trades afterward.

Still, note that even the best can make mistakes from time to time; therefore, you need to be careful and prepare for the risk you’re about to take when copying a trader’s actions.

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