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Samsung with new Pixel phone in the U.S. market 

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Samsung with new Pixel phone in the U.S. market 

Google supports Samsung Electronics to provide the 5G modem for its next Pixel smartphone. 

Beginning of this month, Google revealed that it created its processor chip for its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones, ending its entire reliance on Qualcomm, still supplying chips for Pixel 5A – the lower-priced phone.

Nikkei Asia earlier announced that Samsung plans to manufacture the processor for Google. Several sources told Reuters that Samsung would also provide the 5G modem technology.

The Korean company’s move to provide Pixel’s modem technology is essential because Samsung is one of the three companies globally able to make 5G modems that can connect several devices to wireless data networks. The other companies include Qualcomm, which seems to be the market leader by its wide margin. Besides this company, there is Taiwan’s MediaTek capable of making such technology.

New Technology Challenges  

Samsung publicly uses its modem Exynos technology in smartphones in Europe and Asia. However, it relies on Qualcomm to produce modems for U.S. versions.

It happens because Qualcomm leads in technology in terms of a modification of 5G networking, also called millimeter wave. It provides the fastest speeds achievable with the new networks. The United States releases smartphones using Qualcomm chips, including Apple iPhone.

Samsung reported to Reuters that its new technology could pair with millimeter-wave networking. After that, Google said that its new phones would also support millimeter-wave networks. However, non of these companies commented directly on if they started working together on the new Pixel project.

Principal analyst at TIRIAS Research, Kevin Krewell, said that Google’s Pixel market allows Samsung to show its chipmaking skills to the broader phone industry. The Korean company did not sell its 5G modem chip technology outside of the company in the past.

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