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Innovation of the Passenger Transport

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The connected Technology drives a revolution in the passenger transport

For authorities and transport operators, passenger experience is one of the main priorities. How did connected technology help to push that narrative in the last few years?

Greg Alcorn talked about this topic. He said that Technology became part of daily life. More specifically, Technology enables people to simplify their actions and decisions by connecting them to the information they need quickly. Without a doubt, this has a massive influence on what people expect from the world around them. People assume service providers would leverage Technology in the same way to improve their experience of the world. Transport operators are responding to this. Not just in the way they communicate with their passengers but also in the form of their operation. In addition, he stated that it is something they are witnessing with their customers.

He prioritizes Technology that enables connections between workers, different operators, police, the transport industry, and city authorities.

He said that a more transparent view of live data and the actions taken by teams and individuals in response to this data is about transforming the passenger communications and the passenger experience operators.

Who is Greg Alcom?

Greg Alcorn is Director, Synectics, Global Sales, and Customer Success. He is a talented strategist with more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. His passion is to deliver value for customers. Greg approaches every opportunity related to a customer-focused perspective, whether securing high-profile contracts with airports and other major urban transport operators or the UK sporting stadiums. He also focuses on construction firms and launching a consumer-driven, new product that transforms the security and business intelligence industry.

According to Greg Alcom, there is an excellent opportunity to progress, adapt, and explore how to move forward in the right direction for the public transport sector, urban authorities, and police.

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