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Google Cloud Updates Its Region Picker Service

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Google Cloud Updates Its Region Picker Service

Google Cloud upgrades

Google has updated its region picker service to make it easier for customers to select Google Cloud Regions with the lowest CO2 output.

According to Teren Giannini, the product manager for Carbon-free for Google Cloud, it will support Google’s goal of operating its data centers and Cloud services using carbon-free energy (CFE) 24/7 in every region by 2030.

Earlier this year, they published the carbon characteristics of their google Cloud regions. Later, they introduced a simple tool to help you pick a Google Cloud region, taking variables like price, latency, and sustainability into account.

Cloud Run and Datastream

As a result, the tech titan has begun to emphasize. Regions have the lowest carbon footprint at any given time within its Cloud Console location selectors, starting with its Cloud Run and Datastream platforms. A simple leaf icon will indicate which regions emit the least amount of pollution.

Giannini stated that there was already evidence that the new approach was assisting in the reduction of emissions. We ran experiments to measure the impact of this feature before releasing it, he explained. Users exposed to the enhanced region picker were 19% more likely to choose a ‘low carbon’ region for their Cloud Run service – a significant increase. These findings show that by displaying carbon information in the context of when you choose an area, we are assisting you in making more sustainable decisions.

Since 2007, Google has offered ‘carbon neutral’ Cloud services, investing heavily in renewable energy for its data centers and carbon offsets to offset its remaining emissions. However, the company is now working to match better renewable energy supplies and data center electricity demand at any given time to deliver zero operational emissions at any given time.

Google buys Japan payments firm

Alphabet’s Google has agreed to buy payments company, Pring, from investors that include fintech firm Metaps. The American technology behemoth expands into Japan’s rapidly growing cashless services market.

Metaps, software company Miroku Jyoho Service Co Ltd (9928.T), and Nippon Gas Co (8174.T) announced that they would sell their combined 87 percent stake in Pring to Google.

Metaps announced the sale of its 45 percent stake for 4.9 billion yen ($44 million).

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