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Cinpax Review

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Cinpax Review

General Information

Broker Name: Cinpax
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year: 2021
Regulation: /
Address: Stoney Ground Road, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +18009851351
Email: customer.info@cinpax.com
Languages: English
Availability: 24/5Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: /
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes




Cinpax Review 2021 – How good is this broker?

Cinpax Review 2021 - How good is this broker?


General Information

Cinpax is a new brokerage that provides users with Forex, CFD investing, and trading services. The firm just started operating in 2021, and its offices are in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Since cinpax.com began to work, it has gained a ton of attention from online traders and investors. Naturally, our job is to look at such brokers and present a more detailed picture of them to you. As such, we bring you our Cinpax review, which will help you determine if you want to use the broker’s services.

Before we begin a more detailed discussion, however, we’d like to present our initial impression of the broker. Naturally, that comes from its website, including how it looks, feels, and how easy it is to explore. Since visuals are the least important for brokers, we can say it looks appealing and get it out of the way.

As for functionality and ease of exploration, the two are a bit more important for a broker’s overall service. However, there is more good news, as the website works without any lag or other technical issues. None of the pages take too long to load, none of the elements overlap or do unexpected things. From an organizational standpoint, the website is exceptionally organized, which is a huge plus, especially for us. It’s always nice when a broker makes their service easy to get information on, as that has further indications.

Undoubtedly, the first impression Cinpax leaves is quite a positive one. It does everything right at a glance, concerning the things you see first. We’re glad to say that statement also applies to other areas of its service, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. For now, let’s look at some interesting properties we spotted for our Cinpax review:

Execution transperancy more leverage

·      Instant Access

One of the most frustrating things with online brokers is, ironically, accessing its service for the first time. A lot of firms ask for a ton of personal data, and even then, takes a long time to verify it and get you going. Naturally, that can cause you to miss opportunities as a brand-new trader or someone between brokers. The Cinpax broker solves that issue in two significant ways, the first being its quick verification process. The second is its quick funding, which minimizes the time between your signup and your first trade.

·      Excellent Execution

The broker also prides itself on the advanced technology it uses to improve its trading conditions. It crafted a proprietary platform that uses all the technological innovations from the financial sphere in recent years. That creates a powerful piece of software that provides a competitive edge to those using it. One of the main perks is the near-instant execution that enables maximal pricing transparency.

·      Top-notch Pricing

Similar to the previous point, the broker also made sure to optimize pricing for customers. It uses multiple banks and market makers to cross-reference prices and offer the best ones to customers. That leads to a bunch of benefits, one of them being the relative absence of spreads. Although there are still some, they are vastly lower than they are with competitors offering similar services.


Funds Trading and Security

Funds security

Security measures are rightfully at the forefront of quality broker discussions. In the same way, you shouldn’t settle for a broker with sub-par conditions, you shouldn’t for an unsafe one either. As such, for our Cinpax broker review to have a positive tone overall, the broker had to prove it was trustworthy. As we said earlier, we are content with how the firm handled itself. Naturally, that includes satisfaction with the security at Cinpax.

There are numerous factors about the broker that make us feel like the firm is trustworthy. For example, we already discussed the way its website functioned, ensuring maximum clarity. When a broker’s website is easy to explore, it’s quite a good sign since scams like to hide things. Since we observe brokers for a living, we can confidently say Cinpax is more transparent than most.

On top of that, the broker places top priority on ensuring that the funds users deposit are safe. That includes working with top-tier banks which has perks in the trading conditions the broker offers as well. Furthermore, Cinpax enjoys a vastly positive reputation among customers, which is often the best trustworthiness indicator. Investors are rightfully quick to complain about malicious broker behavior, so shady firms quickly gain notoriety.

The last things we should mention are the encryption and account verification features the broker integrates. While both are straightforward and common, they play a significant role in dissuading hackers from attempting attacks.


The Trading Accounts

Cinpax has both cheap and luxury account options, meaning it’s a broker that can satisfy both sides of the spectrum. Furthermore, its typing follows an investment-based structure, minimizing the importance of your initial choice. Since there is no maintenance cost, you can simply go for what you’re comfortable with budget-wise. Additionally, you can always upgrade, be it an instant high deposit, a belated one, or just cumulative investments stacking up. Because of that, we can say that the Cinpax broker is a versatile one.

The advantages of setting up accounts the way that Cinpax did stretch even further than what we already said. As we said, there are no maintenance costs, and there’s no price you need to pay to upgrade. You get all the money you put in as trading funds, meaning the broker is trader-oriented. Here are the account specifications that cinpax.com offers:

Cinpax review: trading account types


·         Starter

  • With only 250 USD, trade with up to 1:400 leverage and with 0.1 minimum lot order.
  • Up to 1:400 Leverage
  • Access to Cinpax platform
  • Desktop & Mobile Trader
  • Web Trader
  • Education Center
  • Price Alerts
  • No Commission

·         Basic

  • Get access to a greater number of instruments and bigger assets with up to 10.00 lot order starting with 2,500 USD.
  • Up to 1:400 Leverage
  • 10.00 Maximum Order Size
  • Account Manager
  • Customized Trading Strategy
  • Access to Cinpax platform
  • Education Center
  • Price Alerts

·         Advanced 

  • Capitalize with 25,000 USD using diverse portfolio and advanced market analysis.
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Exclusive Daily Market Analysis
  • Research Tools
  • ALL assets in Cinpax platform
  • Variable or Fixed Pricing
  • Education Center
  • Price Alerts

·         Professional

  • Earn more trading benefits, including personalized portfolio, with 100,000 USD capital.
  • Hedging Allowed
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Personal Portfolio
  • Exclusive Daily Market Analysis
  • Education Center
  • Price Alerts
  • Research Tools

·         VIP

  • Account protection with the smallest market price differences and personalized trading portfolio
  • Low Fixed Pricing
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Hedging Allowed
  • Research Tools
  • Exclusive Daily Market Analysis
  • Education Center
  • Price Alerts


Trading Conditions

Cinpax’s trading conditions are as important for the broker as its security is. From the overall tone of our Cinpax review, you probably guessed they were solid already. You would’ve guessed right, but let’s go into a bit more detail about why we like them. Naturally, the versatility the broker brings to the table with its diverse accounts and assets is a huge bonus. It allows traders to maximize the effect of their skill and come out on top by navigating markets well.

Additionally, the broker is quite trader-oriented as a whole. The spreads are tight, meaning trading costs are minimal, and the leverage is high at 1:400. As we said earlier in our Cinpax broker review, it also uses top-notch tech all around, and especially on its platform. The funding methods are also diverse and quick, allowing for uninterrupted trading sessions.


Trading Platform

Cinpax: multi-asset trading platform

We praised the broker’s custom trading platform multiple times throughout our Cinpax review. The software is available in all three major forms, as a downloadable, web-based, or mobile trading terminal. It has multiple advantages, such as advanced charting tools, multiple execution types, and real-time quotes. Naturally, the functionality doesn’t end there, as the platform is quite feature-rich. It’s also quite intuitive, allowing both new and unaccustomed traders to get a hang of it quickly.


Cinpax’s Trading Products

Cinpax has a wide variety of assets, both in categories and in the raw number present. It covers all of the most popular trading product classes, with tons of markets in each. In total, there are over 10,000 assets spread across different sections. The asset classes at cinpax.com are:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities and Energies
  • Valued Metals
  • Shares and Stock Indices

Customer Service

Cinpax has an excellent team of multi-lingual customer service representatives ready to aid customers 24/5. The support operates through all three of the common mediums, email, phone, and live chat.

Phone: +18009851351

Email: customer.info@cinpax.com



Cinpax is a competent company that is aware of what traders want and is ready to fulfill those needs. A significant advantage of using the company over competitors is its technological prowess. That allows it to innovate constantly and provide a competitive edge to traders that decide to use its services. Among those are the excellent platform and website, along with the top-tier analytical capabilities at cinpax.com.

The broker also has a ton of features that favor users, such as affordable pricing and a ton of service diversity. Needless to say, we’re content with how the broker set up its service and how it treats its clients. As such, we conclude our Cinpax review with a recommendation to go and try it yourself.

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