Revealed! Europe’s source of surging anti-Semitism

More than 70 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitic violence again is a surging problem in Europe, according to a recent report authored by a Norwegian scholar.

But today, the culprits are not primarily Nazis. Rather, the bulk of this type of violence appears to come from Muslims and left-wing extremists, the report said.

Johannes Due Enstad, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo, drew on data from a 2012 survey on anti-Semitism by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). The survey found that among respondents who said they had been victims of anti-Semitic violence, a strong plurality said the perpetrator was “someone with a Muslim-extremist view” in each of the four countries surveyed: France (53 percent), Sweden (51 percent), the United Kingdom (36 percent) and Germany (34 percent).

The numbers were much higher than the percentage in each country who said they were attacked by “someone with a right-wing view.” Those numbers were only 4 percent in France, 5 percent in Sweden, 7 percent in the U.K. and 11 percent in Germany.

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and author of the book “Stop the Islamization of America,” said there’s a lesson Europeans need to take away from the study.

“The massive migration of Muslims to the continent has put Jews first, and second all non-Muslims, at risk of violence,” Geller told WND. “This is not going to change or be lessened over time, because the Quran and other Islamic writings contain exhortations to wage war against unbelievers, and Jews are presented as the Muslims’ foremost enemies. Europe has recreated the Jew-hatred of the Nazi period, and the new persecutors of the Jews will turn on the non-Jewish Europeans as well (and have already begun to do so).”

In fact, Geller said there’s also a lesson to be learned for all the leftists in America who denounced anti-Semitism after the white supremacist incident in Charlottesville earlier this month. However, she doesn’t think they will learn the lesson.

“The lesson is that with more Muslims comes more Jew hatred,” she declared. “If they’re really concerned about anti-Semitism, they will work against mass Muslim migration into the West.”

In three of the four countries covered by the FRA survey, more victims said they were attacked by “someone with a left-wing view” than said they were attacked by a right-winger. Leftists received blame from 18 percent in France, 25 percent in Sweden, 14 percent in the U.K. and 9 percent in Germany.

Although anti-Semitism is generally associated with Nazism, which typically is regarded as “extreme right,” Geller expects Jews to face more hostility from left-wingers than right-wingers, because the left “imbibe Palestinian jihad propaganda retailing fictional Israeli atrocities.”

Filmmaker and author Dinesh D’Souza in his new book “The Big Lie” identifies Giovanni Gentile, regarded as the father of fascism, to be “a man of the left.”

“Gentile was, in fact, a lifelong socialist. Like Marx, he viewed socialism as the sine qua non of social justice, the ultimate formula for everyone paying their ‘fair share.’ For Gentile, fascism is nothing more than a modified form of socialism, a socialism arising not merely from material deprivation but also from an aroused national consciousness, a socialism that unites rather than divides communities,” D’Souza recently wrote.


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WND news editor Leo Hohmann, who has reported extensively on Islam and immigration, agreed Jew-hatred is primarily a left-wing phenomenon today.

“If you look at where the energy is coming from that is fueling the rise in anti-Semitism, it is all coming from Marxists and socialists on the campuses of American colleges and universities,” said Hohmann, author of “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad.” “This is where the Marxist professors and the Muslim Student Association work their magic on American youths. These are the factories where agitation and violence against Jews is manufactured. It is on these college campuses where professors and MSA chapter leaders incite students and call on them to push for BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] against Israel and overall treatment of Israel as an apartheid state.”

The New York Times acknowledged this type of activism recently by publishing an op-ed by City University of New York professor Eric Alterman.

“The Muslim Student Association is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist Islamic movement that feeds off of the anti-Jewish narrative in every nation where it operates,” Hohmann continued. “The goal is to blame all the world’s problems on Israel and Jews. Many innocent American teenagers who go off to college not knowing anything about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict leave college four years later as professional activists in the cause of a greater ‘Palestine.’”

According to Enstad’s paper, France suffered an estimated 4,092 incidents of anti-Semitic violence from 2005 to 2015. The U.K. was not far behind, with an estimated 3,844 incidents, followed by Germany with 1,917 and Sweden with 516. Enstad had to estimate because each country has slightly different standards for reporting such crimes.

Although Sweden saw the fewest anti-Semitic violent crimes, Swedish Jews were actually the most likely to suffer this type of violence between 2005 and 2015, according to police data. There were about 34 cases of anti-Semitic violence per 1,000 Jews in Sweden during this period. Germany came in a distant second, with 16 incidents per 1,000 Jews, followed by the U.K. (13 per 1,000) and France (9 per 1,000).

Swedish Jews were also the most likely to say they avoided visiting Jewish events or sites either “frequently” or “all the time” because they did not feel safe as Jews there. Swedish and French Jews were more likely than German or British Jews to say they avoided wearing, carrying or displaying things that might help people recognize them as Jews in public.

Jews in France were the most likely to say they had considered emigrating from their country in the past five years because they didn’t feel safe there as Jews. And they also were the most likely to worry they would be physically attacked in public because they are Jewish.

Eighty-four percent of French Jews said anti-Semitism is a very or fairly big problem in their country today, versus 61 percent of German Jews, 60 percent of Swedish Jews and 48 percent of British Jews.

Although only 11 percent of victims of anti-Semitic violence in Germany said their attacker was a right-winger, German police data paint a far different picture. As Enstad reported, the police listed the vast majority of suspected perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks from 2005 to 2014 as “right-wing.” Very few perpetrators were listed as “foreigners” and almost none were listed as “left-wing.”

Enstad speculated as to the reasons for this discrepancy.

“How can this be explained?” he wrote. “Perhaps the share of right-wing perpetrators is in fact larger than indicated by the results of the FRA survey. We could also be looking at a categorization problem. Could it be that German police considers antisemitism [sic] a right-wing type of ideology and thus categorizes most antisemitic attacks as right-wing, regardless of the perpetrator’s ethnic or religious background? Another issue is the nature of violent incidents categorized by German authorities as anti-Israeli and not antisemitic. In 2014, German police registered 91 violent anti-Israeli incidents (most of them perpetrated by ‘foreigners’), and one of them, controversially, involved the fire-bombing of a synagogue. The question is how many of the other ‘anti-Israeli’ incidents should really be considered acts of antisemitism. More research is required to clarify this issue.”

Geller believes it’s likely an effort by the establishment to protect the image of Muslims.

“The German government wants to demonize and marginalize any and all efforts to oppose its suicidal policies regarding Muslim migration,” she declared.

Hohmann agrees.

“They seek to protect Muslim migrants from the natural criticism that will come their way if people are informed,” he said. “The more everyday Germans who become educated as to what is happening, the bigger the political cost will be to politicians like Angela Merkel. The last thing she wants is the full devastating story of the migrant ‘crisis,’ which is a self-imposed crisis of the German government’s own making, to get out to the masses of German voters.”

America is headed down a suicidal path, contends Leo Hohmann in “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,” available now in hard copy or e-book at the WND Superstore.


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