NRC Health board member retires | Local Business News

NRC Health board member retires | Local Business News |

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NRC Health on Wednesday announced the retirement of board member Gail Warden

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NRC Health on Tuesday announced the retirement of board of directors member Gail Warden.

Warden has served as a director of the Lincoln-based health performance measurement and management company since January 2005. He is currently president emeritus of Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System, where he served as president and chief executive officer from 1988 until 2003. Warden also serves as  hairman to several national healthcare committees and as a board member to many other healthcare-related committees and institutions.

“I want to thank Gail for his fine service for over 12 years. The time he served on our Board was marked by unsurpassed excellence. He has been an inspiration to us all,” NRC Health CEO Michael Hays said in a news release.

The company did not provide details about its plans for filling Warden’s seat on the board.

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