New weather technology Coming to Pelham

The new  weather siren sits right by City Hall. /Kailey McCarthy

One local community is now safer with the addition of a new weather siren.

The city of Pelham has upgraded from an outdated weather system that was quiet and out of date.

City Manager Jim Hedges believes this state-of-the art technology will be a great addition to the city saying, “not everyone has code red on their phone or good reception to get the notifications from the various apps that we have on our smart phones. But with this new technology, if you live in Pelham, you’re going to hear the new weather siren.”

The Whelen Weather Siren was tested Tuesday afternoon for the very first time.

The siren can be heard up to a six mile radius and offers over 12 different tones, including weather warnings and tornado alerts.

The system is operated by a remote control that the fire department can set off at any given time.

Hedges believes this new technology is integral to the success of Pelham and adds, “it’s a great service we are providing here to our citizens. We want to keep them safe. I think it’s mandatory that we have a weather warning system such as this one.”

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