New technology push at East Evergreen Elementary

KALISPELL, Mont. – A new school year began Wednesday in the Evergreen School District.  The fourth largest independent elementary school in the state installed new technology for the new year.

Students in third grade were introduced to the Chromebook computers that will accompany them in the classroom.

The district’s junior high school implemented a one-to-one program, and now the technology has made its way to the younger students.

Third grade teacher Jennifer Doss was instrumental in the development.

“It is a chance for them to be able to interact with technology that they’re going to use in the future. Our society, our world is very global, so opening them up to become global learners is a big deal,” Doss said.

For her class of approximately 20 students it costs just over $4,200 of federal funds to allow for each student to have a Chromebook.

From third grade to eighth, students will have a Chromebook to enhance their learning experience.

The push for more technology has been a goal of the Evergreen school board.

First-year Principal Shaun Forrest looks forward to watching the students grow.

“We got (the Chromebooks) in their hands, and it will be really exciting to see all the things they do with them this year,” said Forrest.

The new technology is still designed for the classroom environment.

“Even though every kid has a device, many times they are working in partners. They are working in collaboration. What we do not want is to develop a child who can only work with a device,” said Evergreen Superintendent Laurie Barron.

The Chromebooks do not travel home with students but remain in the classroom.

Doss and her third grade class look forward to how the new technology will help shape their classroom experience.​

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