HJH Investments moving to Willard Garvey’s former office

Cory Harkleroad is looking to the late Willard Garvey for a little inspiration by proximity.

Harkleroad is moving his HJH Investments to 1,850 square feet at the R.H. Garvey Building, “which is Willard Garvey’s old office on the tenth floor.”

“It is awesome,” Harkleroad says. “I like to be in space where other people have succeeded on a high level.”

His group has had an office in the east-side KW Commercial building for the last five years.

In addition to Harkleroad’s 3-year-old firm growing, so has KW Commercial, he says.

“They have grown so dramatically themselves,” he says. “My license still hangs there and will continue to hang there.”

However, Harkleroad is no longer representing others in commercial real estate deals.

“We’re working to do acquisitions on our own across the country.”

His firm includes CFO Mahlon “Mac” McCaleb, research analyst John Post, asset manager Jennifer Phister and in-house counsel Samuel Jones.

“We’re definitely in a growth pattern,” Harkleroad says.

He says the firm is “looking for a great national tenant leasing agent” who can fill in vacancies in properties they buy.

“I want to have my own person actively … working to find tenants for our space across the country.”

Harkleroad says the company has purchased about $60 million in real estate over the last three years.

He says it “became more and more imp to us” for the company to have its own space.

Will Harmon of KW Commercial and Larry Weber of the Garvey Center handled the deal for the space at 300 W. Douglas.

HJH Investments will move in mid-September.

Harkleroad says it will be great to be downtown, especially in Garvey’s former office.

“I’m really excited to be in space where he built … a great business.”

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