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LOCC and POICOIN tokens ranked high – DeFi market wrap

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LOCC and POICOIN tokens ranked high – DeFi market wrap

LOCC token got a high ranking on several ICO platforms. It is a deflationary token using powerful, efficient smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will be able to stake a minimum of 0.055 LOCC tokens to become eligible to enter the draw. Furthermore, fees are generated from each trade, as well as partially burned. The platform selects only one staking hodler for propulsion randomly. This staker, or astronaut as the team calls them, receives all of the collected fees within the previous ‘x’ number of blocks.

Users can trade LOCC tokens on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. However, investors will have to pay a 10% transaction fee if they want to begin staking. Customers should also ensure that they are staking enough LOCC tokens so that they will have 0.055 staked and not 10% less.

For every transfer with the $LOCC token taking place over the Uniswap platform, as well as any buy or sell occurring on the various ERC-20 assets, 5% gets burned from the supply. The platform sends another 5% to the Low Orbit Propulsor Contract, putting it into the lottery. According to the team, the circulating supply will continue to deflate until only 500 tokens remain in circulation. The total supply of the token is 1000.


How will the company distribute $LOCC tokens?

Low Orbit Crypto Cannon stated that almost every minted $LOCC (a total of 800) will be in circulation. These tokens will also be available for everyone in the public sale. 50 $LOCC (5%) of the tokens will go for team wallet dev funds. The team will use 50$ LOCC (5%) for marketing to ensure networks growth and adoption.

The company will use remaining treasury funds (800 $LOCC – 80%) in the public presale, adding to the Uniswap liquidity (locked liquidity for one year). However, there is a limit of 500 tokens burned to avoid the supply going to zero. As a result, the market cap can be multiplied at each transfer, as well as on token burning events.


What about the POICOIN token?

POICOIN aims to rebuild Africa’s dying economy by becoming the first coin in Value Exchange and empowerment. The company plans to enable using the blockchain with every mobile phone. It has a unique vision to deliver a blockchain environment with a valued system of exchange. The latter will power the economy, uniting the current blockchain users and individuals and businesses who currently aren’t using this technology.

This platform is changing the game by developing better DApps. These apps will serve as practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa and other places worldwide.


POI will provide various solutions to achieve its goals

The company plans to begin by creating a marketplace where producers and customers will be able to spend digital currencies efficiently. It will also connect Merchants/ Producers to Consumers/Users seamlessly, and as a result, will eliminate the need for a middleman.

Furthermore, the users will be able to accept and send payments globally easily. POICOIN will make the adoption of digital currency much easier by creating straightforward and fast DApps that will help anyone get involved with digital currencies.

What’s more important, users will be able to make all transactions will their mobile phones. POICOIN will breach the gap that exists in the e-Commerce industry by using cryptocurrencies.

Its platform will allow anyone to convert bitcoins and ethers to their local currencies securely and at very affordable costs. The company will also enable staking and reward community members.

Even though it’s relatively new, the POI token is gaining more and more popularity among DeFi users. The token has a high ranking on several ICO listing platforms. It seems poised to achieve its goals and make success.

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