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EtherLite-A new blockchain system: How can we use it?

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EtherLite-A new blockchain system: How can we use it?

EtherLite-A new blockchain system: How can we use it?

Starting in mid-2016, blockchain began to be related to the logistics and electronic voting fields.

Since then, many companies have been reluctant to implement blockchain at the core of their business structure. But now, they have begun to test the technology and implement low-level implementations to assess its impact on organizational efficiency.

Unfortunately, the major blockchain platforms have encountered congestion and attacks and need better security and scalability to build DApps.

The EtherLite Foundation provides a stable and sustainable blockchain ecosystem by solving the above problems and using the existing infrastructure of Ethereum and proposes solutions to the above issues.

According to E.U. law, the EtherLite Foundation now distributes utility tokens in the form of EtherLite (ETL). ETL launched its release from May 1 to May 15 through a large-scale airdrop.


The initial bond curve issuance will last until June 30 and be publicly traded on international exchanges on July 1 this year


Ariane Cardoso, a member of the EtherLite Foundation, said that according to information available on the Internet, in 2019, an estimated $2.9 billion was invested in blockchain technology. This is an increase of 89% over the previous year. Since 2016, individuals have The use of chain technology has also increased.

According to statistics, the number of blockchain wallets in 2020 will exceed 40 million, while the number of blockchain wallets in 2016 will be approximately 10 million.

In addition, a leading global market intelligence company also estimates that by 2022, corporate investment in blockchain technology will reach 12.4 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, by 2030, blockchain technology is likely to generate more than 3 trillion U.S. dollars in annual commercial value.

ETL was launched with a large-scale airdrop from May 1 to May 15. The initial bond curve offering (IBCO) will be from May 15 to June 30. This initial coin offering (ICO) will be international exchanges later on July 1 this year.

Users get a certain percentage of the amount of ETL in their purse. For users who keep ETH on the Exchange, it depends on the status of the support of the branch. If the user wants ETL, it is best to keep the ETH in Meta Mask or other controlled wallets.

We recommend that anyone who missed AirDrop participate in the largest ICO in 2021 to ensure they lead.

How can you buy EtherLite from global exchanges?

You can buy, sell or trade EtherLite (ETL) on more than ten exchanges listed above. The overall transaction rate of EtherLite in the past 24 hours is around $0. You can choose some of the above exchanges to buy EtherLite (ETL) in U.S. dollars, Indian rupees, Canadian dollars, Euros, British pounds, and rubles. In addition, you can also use the same Exchange to trade EtherLite (ETL) against cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, XMR, USDT, BNB, etc.


Let’s explain step by step how to purchase it:


  1. Click the button to buy EtherLite (ETL) from Exchange.
  2. You will be redirected to the Exchange.
  3. If you do not have an account with the Exchange, please register. Otherwise, please log in.
  4. Check if the Exchange supports fiat currency, cryptocurrency, or both.
  5. Deposit the currency. It helps and buys the currency you want.

Keep in mind that if you buy from Shapeshift or Changelly, you do not need to create an account. You can directly put the wallet address of that specific coin into the purchase.

EtherLite IBCO works with the mechanism where each subsequent buyer pays little bit bigger price for each xETL token. Just as interest and investment in xETL grow, so will the value of tickets. Therefore, its price will gradually rise along the binding curve, providing users with a first-mover advantage.

EtherLite will also provide IBCO users with the first-ever multi-chain liquidity bridge to expand their trading influence

The blockchain platform launched IBCO on a record-breaking metal structure, bringing an impressive performance to bystanders in Dubai.

Simultaneously with the launch in Dubai, EtherLite also launched an ICO on the same day in Times Square, New York. Hundreds of New Yorkers witnessed the exhibition because EtherLite listed the main features related to coin products.

EtherLite positions itself as a pure POS-based blockchain network, creating space to develop all significant DApps on a single ecosystem.

Its grand launch laid the foundation for its future potential as an effective decentralized platform, providing the community with better fees and transaction times to encourage DApp migration and DeFi agreements.

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