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XTR and NEOX Tokens Ranked Very High – Defi Market Wrap

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XTR and NEOX Tokens Ranked Very High – Defi Market Wrap

XTR and NEOX Tokens Ranked Very High – Defi Market Wrap

Tetrix Token is a new project aimed to offer Defi users a faster and more secure transaction. The team behind the project created the new Tron (XTR) blockchain.

Tron network provides its customers with varieties of quality assets. Still, most of these assets are not viable to use daily because of their high volatility. On the other hand, XTR is a currency generated through decentralized smart contracts on the Binance Network and TRON network. Thus, it will migrate to its blockchain network known as Tetrixtoken Smart Chain (TSC) in the future.

Meanwhile, the company launched its ICO sale, which will continue in October 2021. The company aims to raise 120 000.00 USD during the initial coin offering. It’s trading 1 XTR for the price of 0.006 USD. The total supply of the tokens is 880.000.000. However, 50% will go to staking, farming, and pool rewards; 15% will be set aside for advertising, marketing, and stock exchange listing; 10% is for teams, and another 10% is for ICO and Presale. 

The company will use 10% for platform development, while 5% goes to airdrop and other rewards. Tetrixtoken will accept TRX and USDT in exchange for its native token. 

Blockchain technology has shown signs of enormous growth potential and transformative power. Not so long ago, the internet needed Web 2.0 to engage people with more social, usable, and interoperability functionality. Currently, blockchain technology’s path to mass adoption also hinges upon creating an excellent user experience.

 However, the industry is still young. As a result, the potential of decentralized applications remains largely untapped. The Tetrix team decided to use this potential. They positioned XTR to spark Web 3.0 on the Binance Network and TRON network with its revolutionary BApp experiences.

 How will this platform work?

 The TRON protocol emphasizes high throughput and low transaction costs. It was an ideal choice because TRON will easily allow XTR to facilitate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology through customer use cases. 

Furthermore, XTR Box will become the first Blockchain app launched on both TRON and Binance networks. The team is sure that it will soon become the leading application in terms of both transaction volume and user numbers across all major blockchains. Numerous competitors are entering the Defi market. Despite that, XTR box has remained on the cutting edge of blockchain Software development thanks to its commitment to the community and superior product. 

This development platform currently boasts the largest library of apps on the blockchain. Live operations, social features, and events enrich the user experience. The company also aims to give back to the community through its various events. XTR box will soon enter the next phase of its platform strategy, and the team assures users that its commitment to community and excellence will remain the cornerstone of this platform’s growth. 

Besides, the team announced that it would officially raise funds for the XTR box from XTR in anticipation of XTR box’s sustained growth. The company wants XTR Box to become blockchain’s main development platform, where customers can socialize, trade, and stake across various blockchain ecosystems.

 According to Tetrix, its native utility token – XTR, will be the centerpiece of this new platform. Developers will build the best BApps possible thanks to the innovative token economy design, mining, and other incentive mechanisms. On the other hand, the company will enable holders to become stakeholders.

 What are Tetrix token’s advantages?

 XTR token is a TRC20-based utility token. Its holders are the platform’s core user base. As a result, they will receive numerous benefits. The team claims that the company will treat XTR token holders like blockchain royalty. However, users can only earn XTR tokens through the Presale, airdrops, secondary markets, and promotional events.

 There is also the XTR Drop, which will take place every day. It will incentivize ecosystem participants with TRX. The amount of TRX tokens distributed to each customer will be directly proportional to the amount of XTR Power they hold. If participants want to receive XTR power, they will have to stake their XTR tokens.

 Furthermore, token holders will be able to use their XTR and XTR Power to participate in the governance of the XTR platform. XTR can improve retention rates and ensure the platform grows in response to player feedback by incentivizing a knowledgeable and engaged community.

NEOX is also a trending token. Why’s that?

 NEOX provides its customers with one of the safest ways to send and receive cryptos and traditional currencies worldwide. The company launched its initial coin offering on August 27, 2021. The sale will end on December 27, 2021. NEX token is already very popular on the market. Its total supply is 1,500,000,000 tokens. NEOX plans to trade 70% during the ICO sale. It will burn the remaining unsold tokens.

 Furthermore, the platform will determine the token’s price according to the market quotes. It will accept ETH, BTC, BNB, and USDT in exchange for NEX tokens. 

NEOX claims to be the future of payments of digital currencies. According to the team, this platform is not just for Ether or Bitcoin Holders. The company has grown enormously since 2020, with its system undergoing considerable further development. As a result, the company has its own team of data scientists, data analysts, front-end and back-end developers, infrastructure and network engineers, and online marketers and conversion optimization specialists. In short, NEOX has all the resources to develop its network. 

What does this platform offer to its users?  

Many crypto cards are on the market, but they usually allow conversion only from Bitcoin or Ethereum to Fiat currencies. Thus, token holders who want to pay using digital currencies must go through a three-step process. In the process, they have to pay different transactions costs and endure lengthy processing to get their money out of their wallets. Spending cryptos is costly and time-consuming, and this fact hinders many prospective crypto users. 

Neox decided to offer a solution. It created its own card to allow users to make real-time transactions with a single fee and single transaction. Users can easily use Neox cards for everyday purchases. This project aims to bring cryptos to people’s daily life. The company wants to help people use digital currencies as easily as they use Fiat currencies. 

That will greatly benefit the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. The industry will gain more acceptance amongst regulators by incentivizing people to use cryptos in their daily life. 

Neox card plans to introduce other market functionalities, as well. It aims to spur user adoption by improving two key aspects of the crypto conversion process. 

The user will be able to order a virtual or physical debit card directly in the Neox app. The company will also allow a customer to lock and unlock his card through the Neox app as a security measure. This functionality makes the Neox system more secure than traditional debit and credit card systems. 

Furthermore, each time a customer spends crypto or withdraws at an ATM, a Neox card will provide them with Fiat currencies in exchange for digital ones. The card will also allow users to transact real-time payments without converting the cryptos in their wallets. 

The company offers two options: a standard Neox card is free of charge for every token investor. However, a limited Neox card will only be available for the first 3,000 investors, offering additional benefits.




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