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Wanda launched its hot token today. What about YYE coin?

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Wanda launched its hot token today. What about YYE coin?

Wanda launched its hot token today. What about YYE coin?

Wanda.Exchange is a relatively new platform that connects traditional finance with cryptocurrency. It created POS System, which enables customers to pay in crypto while merchants receive fiat. This platform is user-friendly, and it works a bit like a credit card terminal—however, Wanda.Exchange is much faster, and merchants don’t have to pay any fees, while customers cover only the gas fee (less than 5 cents).

The company built a futuristic payments infrastructure, which already consists of 100,000+ condos and villas. The latter are available for sale in cryptos with 0% fees on the WE platform. In addition, the firm has more than four years of experience in the Bitcoin ATM Business. Using its ATMs to cash out digital currencies is one of the easiest and quickest ways to convert crypto into cash. Customers can easily withdraw cash from any Wanda.Exchange ATM without paying any withdrawal fees.

The WE team plans to offer its online exchange services globally. Its users will soon be able to send WE and any other crypto through the company’s website platform.

Wanda launched its native utility token WE on September 15, 2021. The sale will end on October 19, 2021. However, the token is already very popular. In fact, its sale is considered as one of the hottest live ICOs on the market. The price is 0.025$ during the initial coin offering, and the platform will accept BNB and BUSD in exchange for the WE token.

Wanda Group has evolved substantially over time. It is now one of the leading flag bearers of crypto-based business services and transactions in almost every sector of the global economy. The company has especially excelled in the real estate sector. It dealt with the issues of connecting crypto with the Mainstream Corporate World in Thailand.


What is the Wanda Group’s goal?

XIRCUS token's high-ranking ICO will begin in two daysWanda aims to create awareness about the financial freedom people can achieve worldwide if they bring crypto- and digital currency-based transactions to their business. The company has already succeeded in connecting traditional fiat money gateways with digital money. It is now working to develop a unique service for the customers desiring non-crypto payment options.

Wanda’s team has also been consistently active in developing its native token. With the company’s integrated POS, clients will be able to enjoy discounts while using their WE tokens for payments or fiat cash withdraws.

Wanda’s goal is very important. From the first moment crypto came into existence, interested people began discussing how to connect crypto users with those who don’t own them. After all, the cryptos’ wholesome integration in the global economy means that users should be free to send and convert their digital coins according to their needs. Unfortunately, that’s not true now. If you send crypto to a friend, you have to make sure that they have a wallet or a trading account at an exchange. If not, they won’t be able to receive the coins. Furthermore, not all merchants believe in cryptos and even less accept them as payment.

While the number of crypto users increases globally, the progress is still slow. According to the latest surveys, approximately 2% of the world’s population uses cryptos around the world.

The issues of security deter lots of would-be-users. Besides, the process of transactions is time-consuming, and it is also a major drawback for customers.

Despite such obstacles, cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more value, and the number of people wanting to deal in crypto is also increasing. Investors are willing to send digital coins to their business associates and friends as a form of payment in various corners of the world. But receivers won’t be able to use that money if they don’t convert the cryptos into local currencies.


How did the team solve these problems?

Wanda Group has decided to offer its solution, creating its own POS system and connecting it to a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand. The team recognized the project’s potential and seized it.

Thanks to Wanda’s payment channels, merchants won’t need to understand or accept crypto itself. Customers can pay them in local currency by bank transfer easily. It will be like using a credit card terminal. But this platform works faster to receive fiat without asking fees from merchants.

Currently, the company uses its solution mainly in the real estate and investment sector due to high blockchain fees. However, the team wants to expand the system and use it for small volume payments in the retail and hospitality sectors. Users can connect POS devices to every partnering crypto exchange around the globe.

What about YYE Energy and its native token?

YYE token is another top-notch digital asset on the Defi market. Its ICO will start on October 8, 2021, and end on October 21, 2021. The price will be 0.05 USDT per YYE during the initial coin offering. The total supply of the tokens is 3,000,000,000, and the company will accept ETH and USDT in exchange for YYE.

The founder team aims to construct an Emerging Energy platform on Blockchain Property. It wants to support technology and innovative systems and enable users to instantly and naturally participate in the unlimited new energy future instantly and naturally.

That is YYE Energy’s core concept. And a new energy revolution sounds truly promoting. Thanks to the latest developments, energy is no longer monopolized by very few people. However, YYE wants to take these changes a few steps further: it wants people to trade new energy freely by the proof on the decentralized crypto-account book. Every user will become part of the proof and owner of the energy.


How does the YYE platform work?

The team created a one-stop energy investment management platform, which offers investors one-stop servicing of investment. Furthermore, this platform will use an electric bike charging station as a basis of development. It also adopts blockchain and AI technology to build up token economies, crowdfunding of electricity infrastructure, smart electric grid management, market derivatives, and decentralized exchange market.

The company will connect the supply chain of the electricity market. As a result, it will be able to release investment from upstream electricity suppliers and kickstart electricity exchange.

YYE Energy also offers to crowdfund. Crowdsourcing shared benefits, and the proof-of-stake model will utilize crowdfunding and proof-of-stake mining. Thus, the company will obtain the necessary funds for charging station construction and solving funding issues of expansion in the energy industry.

Furthermore, its dual token mechanism offers exciting investment opportunities for the small-scale construction of charging stations. The company plans to expand into renewable power facility crowdfunding and power settlement market later. It will create a frictionless value transfer and real-time settlement and unite the whole industry to form a common economy.

YYE Energy also offers a short payback period and flexible use of funds. The company will introduce short-term investment projects with a duration of 3 to 36 months. Investors can obtain investment returns during those periods. In addition, they will receive full principal after the projects’ end, and they will be able to invest those funds into other projects. 

Through the initial smart charging station design phase, the company constructed an electricity value cycle between suppliers and consumers. Now it plans to introduce its blockchain tokens. Users will be able to invest these tokens into power generation infrastructure to create a decentralized electricity industry cluster.

When the system matures, the smart grid will become the core of the power value chain. At the same time, the development of various derivative services and products will liberate the power exchange market.

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