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Torum’s token is trending. What about FIWA? – market wrap

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Torum’s token is trending. What about FIWA? – market wrap

Torum’s token is trending. What about FIWA? – market wrap

Torum is a one-stop social media ecosystem designed specifically for cryptocurrency projects and users. The team recently announced that it would launch the platform’s native token XTM on September 14, 2021. 5,000,000 XTM will be available for sale, which is 0.625% of the total supply. The price will be $0.060000 per token, and traders can buy XTMs on Scaleswap and Zendit platforms. The company aims to raise $300,000, and it will accept ETH and USDT in exchange for its native tokens.

This network empowers projects with a one-stop crypto marketing suite. It enables customers to expand their market reach to the right audience. Torum connects users through a social media platform. And it fulfills their crypto-focused needs through the integration of DeFi, NFT, and aggregated industry data.

The team launched its platform on July 1, 2020, and it already became home to crypto enthusiasts from different corners of the world, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Portugal, and Australia.

Many other projects tried to do what Torum offers but failed. The team learned from the mistakes of its forbearers and found new solutions. As a result, it helps users to overcome the four most common industry dilemmas. Torum utilized the concept of social media, making it the foundation for its ideas. And now, the company is ready to form a one-stop crypto ecosystem that will connect crypto projects and communities together worldwide.


How is Torum different from the other similar platforms?

Torum isn’t the first crypto social platform, but most of the other ones continue to advocate the concept of “free speech,” “censorship-resistance,” and “data privacy.” These concepts do not resonate much with the crypto community, though.

Furthermore, Steemit is the first decentralized blogging platform, and due to its success, many platforms are trying to imitate it. Unfortunately, the interface of a blogging platform limits the expansion of platform functionalities and features. Interaction among users is neglected. As a result, these platforms can’t deliver an actual community-building effort.

Thus far, there is no clear winner among the crypto social media platforms. It seems the existing platforms failed to capture the interest of global crypto communities. However, Torum believes that the Defi users are most interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So, it became the first social media platform advocating the concept of crypto-focused. The company is working to form a community base made of mostly digital coin users. This community will expand over time, and it will create a strong niche network in the Defi space.

The company dismisses the classic blogging interface approach. Instead, it focuses on building a new interface architecture, which will offer better scalability. The platform is becoming more and more popular, with new users and projects joining it. The team believes that Torum will gradually transcend into a fast-growing and scalable ecosystem. It plans to integrate extensive features and functionalities on the network.

Is this project truly advantageous for Defi users?

Torum’s token is trending. What about FIWA? – market wrapTorum has the potential to connect projects and communities under a single ecosystem. On the other hand, such a possibility presents the respective solutions to the four industry obstacles. Take information asymmetry, for instance. Torum brings together projects and communities. That means its ecosystem will soon become a central source of crypto industry information. Every ecosystem member, including amateur investors, will easily get access to industry information in one place.

However, achieving enough exposure is also a problem. Not all platforms can make it in the spotlight and become popular. By forming a central social gathering hub for Defi users, projects can utilize Torum as a new marketing channel and get cost-effective awareness and exposure.

The company also offers various features, such as advertisements and boosted posts on its platform. As a result, projects no longer need to use expensive marketing alternatives.

Torum’s community consists of mostly crypto users, fostering a strong crypto-oriented network effect. The company hopes that most of the crypto communities will soon use Torum to stay connected to one another instead of existing applications, such as Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter.

The company embraces the latest crypto innovations, including DeFi and NFT. XTM will become one of the most heavily utilized tokens on the market with the ecosystem’s expansion. The size of the community will also elevate the utilization potential. Thus, this token will be able to maintain a certain price stability potential compared to other tokens.

What makes this platform unique?

Torum has a lot to recommend it. However, there are several factors that make this platform one of the best options on the market. For instance, it is the leading social media Project on HECO Chain. Besides, Huobi Ventures, Tier 1 VCs, AU21, Consensus Lab, DFG, M6, Lotus Capital, and Waterdrip Capital back the project.  

It also promises NFT & DeFi integration. The team plans to launch Torum NFT Marketplace, along with Torum Lounge (Crypto Clubhouse), Torum News, Torumgram (Torum + Telegram), Torum Airdrop, and Torum NFT Launchpad.

Defi Warrior launched its ICO sale today

Defi Warrior started its native token’s ICO today, on September 7, 2021. 40,000,000 FIWA are available for sale, and the price is $0.002500 during the initial coin offering.

Defi Warrior is a blockchain-based game genre. The universe of cryptocurrencies inspired the team behind the project. Thus, it brought blockchain elements into the game and even recreated the miniature blockchain world to help users better understand how blockchain works.

Furthermore, the team backed its token by the BEP721 standard. That is one of the factors bringing surprises for players. Defi Warrior offers not only a game but Defi and NFT gaming experience. It is essentially a combination of a DEX and an NFT game. The team created this game for players who are interested in both the financial/ trading sector and gaming.

According to the team, Warriors represent digital coins, and they will aid crypto projects by increasing token demand. Besides, the company combines the Off-chain gameplay with Smart Contract. As a result, people can play games on blockchain and pay a significantly low fee.

The founders call the Defi Warrior’s miniature world a galaxy. This galaxy will contain many different entities and planets.  


What do these planets look like?

Planets are the highest unit, and they distinguish cryptos from other planets. Each of them will be formed based on the criteria of a chain. According to the team, a crypto with similar standards will share the same planet. The Warriors representing that specific crypto will also be divided into their respective planets.

The Warrior’s conquest activities will take place on the planet. Players will receive rewards by fighting bosses or enemies.

Many different megapools will be on each planet. Megapool is a large area, and it gathers pools together. On the other hand, a pool is a collection of many nodes. However, each pool will have different size as it depends on the number of nodes. Each pool is actually an NFT, and players will be able to buy it at the exchange.

Moreover, nodes are the smallest unit on a planet. They are also entities that create new assets for users through mining activities. While this game is relatively new, it already has many followers and players. Besides, FIWA tokens seem interesting and offer lots of advantages.


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