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Top-notch Shrew token’s ICO ends soon. What about the token?

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Top-notch Shrew token’s ICO ends soon. What about the token?

Top-notch Shrew token’s ICO ends soon. What about the token?

Shrew isn’t what it looks like when you first hear about it. The name stands for SHopping REWards. This company aims to revolutionize rewards points. And it plans to achieve that by building a community-backed platform that will offer a universal rewards token. Shrew wants to “create one token to rule them all.” You may think of the Lord of Rings. There was “one ring to rule them all.” However, Shrew’s statement refers to DeFi space and not to Tolkien’s world. While it seems pretty ambitious, the company may well have the reason for it.

The loyalty rewards market is one of the least technologically advanced but most entrenched sectors within traditional commerce. The industry here teems with ineffectiveness, inefficiency, and disregard for customer benefits at the expense of the firms offering rewards. Along with the growth prospects, the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and vast internet adoption, Shrew’s team sees an enormous opportunity to capture a significant share of the market.

They plan to create the largest loyalty rewards platform worldwide, which will have a universal token. Users will be able to exchange or use this token like any other currency. Thus, the company will democratize the reward points industry for all consumers and merchants.

Furthermore, Shrew will launch its app. The latter will combine a number of key features to give users various benefits over traditional loyalty rewards program providers. According to the company, these key features are E-Wallet, Ubiquity, Debit Card, and QR Code.

How will the Shrew App work?

The app will provide users with an e-wallet to deposit, store and transfer their fiat balances. It will also be available on Android, iOS, and as a web app, thus giving customers ease of access and convenience everywhere worldwide.

A physical and virtual debit card will make it easy to earn and spend SHREW tokens without the need for other loyalty rewards or payment cards. The token holders will be able to view, exchange, transfer, and spend their SHREW tokens.

Furthermore, the company will offer a unique QR code to each customer. As a result, they will be able to earn SHREW right from the app easily. And lastly, integration with GooglePay and ApplePay will make it easy to earn and pay SHREW without needing anything more than the Shrew app.

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