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The Pera Finance ICO began today. What about its token?

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The Pera Finance ICO began today. What about its token?

The Pera Finance ICO began today. What about its token?

Pera Finance launched its native token PERA today. The ICO will continue during the two days. Pera is a groundbreaking decentralized yield farming and trading protocol. The founders have designed it to satisfy the supply-demand equilibrium throughout the protocol. They planned to achieve that by rewarding PERA Liquidity Providers, PERA Traders, PERA Holders, and PERA Stakers in a unique way.

Pera Finance rewards customers according to their contribution to the ecosystem. In addition, the company uses different yield strategies. As a result, users are rewarded for providing liquidity, stability, and volume. Furthermore, the protocol combines a fully decentralized trading competition with emission-based inflationary and transaction fee-based deflationary yield farming methods. All in all, it creates a versatile and sustainable DeFi platform.

According to the company, every on-chain PERA transaction (trade, transfer, or liquidity addition/removal) will generate a 2 % transaction fee. The platform will distribute all transaction fees to PERA Holders, Liquidity Providers, and Traders as deflationary rewards.

Daily emission is currently 70.000 PERA. The company is distributing all emission rewards to Liquidity Providers and PERA Traders as inflationary rewards. It also hopes that Trading Protocol will bring multi-asset yields to the company through ecosystem partnerships.

What advantages does Pera Finance offer?

PERA smart contract’s sorting algorithm design is unique. It enables trader-oriented yield farming protocol’s new type. And the latter rewards PERA traders for generating volume, which is the first in the decentralized finance space. This protocol has one of a kind filter-and-sort approach that brings high performance and low gas sorting solution.

Furthermore, the PERA token is another proof of concept of Pera Finance’s Trading Protocol which aims to extend the company’s unique approach and services to the whole DeFi space. PERA’s scalable and modular sorting solution opens a new era for the DeFi projects and DEXes for a more robust and sustainable ecosystem.

In the DeFi space, yield farming rewards are typically created to boost supply-side liquidity via unsustainable deflationary or inflationary mechanisms. However, Pera Finance offers a hybrid farming mechanism. The latter rewards demand-side liquidity while allowing yield farming for traders.


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