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Step Hero’s token is lucrative. What about Mobius Finance?

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Step Hero's token is lucrative. What about Mobius Finance?

Step Hero’s token is lucrative. What about Mobius Finance?

Step Hero is the NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on Polygon and BSC that proved to be quite lucrative. Its ecosystem is the perfect combination of Defi and NFT gaming, enabling users to simultaneously have fun and earn profit.

The founder team has built the comprehensive ecosystem that consists of a cross-chained NFT marketplace, a fantasy-themed role-playing game with attractive gameplay, HERO token, and NFT collectibles. Furthermore, Step Hero has a supportive community and it provides a social network experience.

The company plans to launch its native token STEP on September 22, 2021. 2,400,000 tokens will be available for sale, and the price will be $0.050000 during the initial coin offering. The platform will accept BNB in exchange for STEP tokens.

What about Step Hero Soul?

Step Hero Soul or STEP is the platform’s utility token. Users can earn STEP by playing the Step Hero game and staking hero NFTs. According to the team, this token is the last piece that completes the $STEP – $HERO P2E ecosystem.

$STEP is a BEP20 token. Step Hero’s users are the only ones who could generate it. The platform issues $STEP tokens regularly to reward customers’ activities such as winning PvE/PvP battles, staking NFTs in Bounty Hunting, and completing in-game missions. However, users will be able to trade $STEP tokens on both CEXs and DEXs exchanges.

Besides, $STEP tokens have many other use cases. Thus, owning them is pretty advantageous. Customers can pay both the $HERO token and $STEP token if they want to summon a new hero NFT from their 2 NFTs. They can also upgrade star ranks of heroes, open equipment chests, and buy in-game items like power-impulse-potions, healing potions, or crafted weapons using $STEP.

The team behind the token has several years of experience under its belt in blockchain and cryptocurrency. It consists of more than 20 members with impressive backgrounds in different fields.

The members are game lovers aiming to recreate legendary characters of their childhood game in real life using advanced Defi technology. Step Hero team thoroughly studied the market’s needs to offer its users a creative NFT project, an excellent RPG game, and a high liquidity marketplace. In fact, the team’s goal is to make Step Hero the best NFT game in the market.

Who are the founder members?

Gabriel Vu is the company’s chief executive officer. He has over ten years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Vu is also the former CMO at Phat Media and the founder-CEO at Ligovi Ecom.

Lilly Nguyen is Step Hero’s chief marketing officer. She has a Master of International Marketing Management degree in the UK, along with six years of experience at high-profile businesses in Vietnam such as Vingroup, Viettel Telecom, VidGo, and other tech startups. Nguyen will take charge of growth hacking and creative roles.

There is also Stephen Dong, who is both a technical Leader and blockchain engineer. He has created the network’s comprehensive technical architecture. Dong has more than eight years of experience working directly with IT vendors and large-scale clients.

Meanwhile, Chief Technology Officer Lucifer Nguyen and Art & Game Director Krillin Tao use their experience to make the Step Hero network more advanced and interesting. Nguyen is the founder of Deverion and sPhoton Technology. He is also a veteran software developer achieving prestigious programming awards, including 1st prize of MSP Vietnam’s hackathon 2016 and 2nd prize of Vietnam National Imagine Cup 2015.

On the other hand, Tao has 15 years of working experience in game design and art communication. He created the animation coloring application for kids along with his partners. And this app participated in the largest competition for game developers – Bluebird Award in 2016.


Why should investors choose Step Hero?

Defi space is full of turbulence, and there are many scam platforms or startups lacking the true potential to gain success vying for investors’ attention. Thus, crypto lovers need to be extra careful before they decide to invest in the project.

Still, there are some companies with well-developed roadmaps and experienced teams offering interesting opportunities. Several analysts think that Step Hero is one of them. While it’s a relatively new project, it seems poised to be very successful.

The team used the most sophisticated graphic design of world-class collectibles to create Step Hero. Moreover, its NFTs marketplace is equipped with superior features that allow customers to sell and buy NFTs, create their own NFTs, and list other NFTs. Users can even join affiliate programs with an excellent commission rate for both referees and promoters, or launch NFT auctions. In addition, the project offers an ultimate RPG game obtaining interesting playing rules ranging from basic levels to advanced levels.

The team has developed the game within one year and migrated it to the blockchain. There aren’t many similar games on the market, especially in Step Hero’s chosen genre.

Furthermore, play to earn mechanism is an outstanding feature that helps players have profit thanks to the game. The company already has a completed NFT marketplace for in-game items and NFTs listing.

Superior incubators such as Icetea Labs (PolkaFoundry) and Mayor Capital offer their support to Step Hero. They are the company’s strategic partners.

What is Mobius Finance, and what does it offer?

Step Hero's token is lucrative. What about Mobius Finance?Mobius is a decentralized synthetic trading protocol. It allows users to create and trade any synthetic asset with zero slippage. Its native token MOT is listed on 378,451 watchlists and is quite popular.

The company offers low fees and high transaction speeds thanks to the Polygon platform. Furthermore, it aims to create a decentralized multi-asset trading protocol which will have a second-layer solution. Thus, Möbius Finance will offer its customers low transaction fees and fast-order execution. It will also enable off-chain assets trading (Commodities, ETFs, Bonds, Stocks, etc.) and bring the complexity of the traditional derivatives market to Decentralized Finance.

Möbius’s protocol is easily extendable, and it will be able to adopt all asset types and financial instruments in the future to accommodate market developments and novelties.

The team plans to launch the platform’s utility token MOT on September 24, 2021.280,000 tokens will be available for sale, which is 0.27999999999999997% of the total supply. The price will be $0.250000 per MOT. The company aims to raise $70,000 during the trade, and it will accept USDT in exchange for MOT coins.  


What are Mobius Finance’s advantages compared to other similar platforms?

The Mobius protocol will allow customers to tokenize any asset from any chain. As a result, users will be able to trade everything, including off-chain financial instruments such as traditional stocks, ETFs, and commodities. Besides, the platform’s oracle prices will allow the company to offer zero slippage and unlimited liquidity.

The Mobius protocol also enables users to select multiple assets as collateral. It will try to be compatible with any blockchain regardless of its virtual machine. The team is constantly exploring new possibilities to become the best on the market.

The company uses multiple incentive models to make it attractive to all types of ecosystem participants. And its ADB Algorithm is the automatic debt-balance algorithm that will help to solve the global debt problem.

The Mobius protocol’s other advantage is that it has an auction clearing pool for risk control. This pool will also mitigate any critical situation during market instability. The company plans to use multiple incentive models to make its platform attractive to all types of participants.

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