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Several hot ICOs are starting in a few days – market wrap

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DeRace will launch its new trending token in a few days

DeRace will launch its new trending token in a few days

DeRace is launching its native token on July 26, 2021. Even though this company is relatively new, it already managed to gain recognition on the market. DERC token is on 784 watchlists, and it’s quickly becoming Hot.

Investors will be able to acquire DERC for the low price of $0.050000 during the initial coin offering, which will end on July 28, 2021. Only 6% of the whole token supply will be available for sale, though. The company aims to raise $2,040,000 during the trade, and it will accept USDC in exchange for DERC.

DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe. Powered by the DERC DeRace token, it is built on blockchain. The company offers a complete NFT horse racing ecosystem where users can participate in horse races, build their own NFT hippodrome, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, bet on the races, and even earn DERC while doing all of it.

The platform aims to breathe new life in the static NFT market by allowing users to interact with their DNA enriched NFT horses fully. The players will also have total control over their hippodromes. Blockchain technology enables transparent horse racing outcomes, making stakes on the DeRace platform safe and reliable.

The company has already gained several investors, including DAO Maker, Evangelion Capital, Animoca Brands, LD Capital, X21, AU21 Capital, CMS, Dweb3, Kyros Ventures, Wings Ventures, Hillrise Ventures, MNGR, and AC Capital.


What about the DERC token’s role and distribution?

According to the DeRace team, the platform economy will run on DERC Coin. The latter will power all transactions (entry fees, NFT sales, prizes, etc.) made on the platform, including reward programs and referral bonuses.

Furthermore, the total supply of tokens is 120 000 000. The team will distribute this amount in the following manner: 28% goes for a private run, 6% will be set aside for public run, marketing/ecosystem will get 15%, 25% is for liquidity, 10% is for the team, advisors will have 5% and 11% will go for development.

Overall, DeRace introduced a unique and equitable token distribution. With this system, both the private and public sale participants have the same vesting conditions, as well as the purchase price.

That’s not all, though. DERC token holders will get additional benefits. They will be able to take part in the decision-making governance process regarding the development of the platform. Besides, DERC token holders will get premium early access to the platform, along with exclusive access to the NFT drops at a special price. They will also be the first ones invited to try new features.

SCA token’s ICO is also approaching

DeRace will launch its new trending token in a few daysAnd you don’t want to miss it. SCA is one of the hottest tokens. We have already introduced it earlier, but in case you missed out, let’s find out more about this token and its creator company. Scaleswap is the next generation IDO launchpad. It harnesses the power of layer two scalings, aiming to provide a vastly improved IDO experience along with innovative features.

The company wants to set the new standard in DeFi space by making exorbitant gas fees a thing of the past. It also plans to achieve re-imagining community appreciation and governance through a comprehensive scoring system rewarding both participation and loyalty in 5 different dimensions.

Furthermore, Scaleswap is a fully token-centric project with carefully thought-out token metrics and sophisticated token economics. SCA is the platform’s native ERC-20 token. The team created it for utility purposes with a multitude of use cases.

According to the company, ScaleSCORE will be the core element of its platform, ensuring that the most loyal and dedicated supporters of its mission are rewarded. Users can unlock wonderful benefits in this ecosystem by holding the SCA token and achieving a high ScaleSCORE.


What benefits will the SCA token holders get?


The token holders will be able to obtain allocation in pools based on their ScaleSCORE. Moreover, achieving a high enough score means max allocation in preferred pools.

Each project launching on this platform will have two pools with fully transparent conditions. As the Scaleswap team stated, they will base one pool on a traditional lottery system, but it will also be in accordance with the launching project’s preferences. On the other hand, the second pool will be based on the platform’s ScaleSCORE system. Thus, everyone will have the opportunity to earn their participation.

SCA token holders will also be able to build the governance organization within the ScaleDAO. The team plans to build it on the latest layer 2 DAO platform of MetisDAO. Users with higher ScaleSCORE will have more voting power in the DAO.

Customers have to use the SCA token to pay Scaleswap pool fees. The platform will burn the tokens after using all their utility power. That is an organic way of burning tokens which is similar to consuming a voucher. Using it, the team ensure that SCA will stay within the framework of a real utility token. Therefore, the company will dissociate from any additional “buy-back and burn” activities.

Scaleswap highlighted that the quality of a launchpad’s community is the most significant resource for a launching project. The company plans to revolutionize the community building process through a new level of appreciation, transparency, and fairness. Projects launching on Scaleswap will have access to the most passionate and dedicated retail investors and community members in this space.

The SCA token sale will begin on July 21, 2021. The price will be 0.35 USD during the initial coin offering. The company plans to raise 500,000 during the trade. The total amount of SCA tokens is 25,000,000, but only 46,35% will be available for ICO sale.

BURP Token is trading on the Polkastarter platform

The CoinBurp launched its token’s ICO on Polkastarter on July 14, 2021. The sale will end on July 26, 2021. 2,272,727 BURPs (0.45% of total supply) are available during the initial coin offering, and the price is $0.110000 per token. The company aims to raise $250,000 by trading BURPs, and it accepts ETH in exchange.

According to the team, token holders can use the $BURP for utility and governance over the CoinBurp platform. The company already has partnerships with Outlier Ventures – a tech accelerator firm. Furthermore, CoinBurp has managed to raise $5M for the development and marketing of its new CeDeFi product.

The team created CoinBurp Wallet and website – CoinBurp.com. Their CeFi platform is already well-established. So, the company is now mainly working on further developing an ETH-based DeFi wallet, the latter underpinned by the DAO and the utility, governance $BURP token. They plan to bring together the world of CeFi and DeFi, as well as unlock decentralised finance services to the masses, such as NFTs and Staking, with CoinBurp Wallet. To achieve these goals, the company will commit 10% of fees to the DAO treasury.

Moreover, customers will be able to use BURP tokens to pay fees. And as a part of the CoinBurp Wallet loyalty program, the company will enable users to unlock rewards on both CeFi and DeFi ecosystems by staking a $BURP token. These rewards include discounted purchasing of NFTs, discounted trading, and access to the exclusive NFT Raffle.

This company has great potential to become one of the first in the DeFi space. It has a well-developed roadmap and, thus far, is working on its goals according to plan.

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