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Riot Games and its Seven-Year Deal with Crypto Exchange FTX

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Riot Games and its Seven-Year Deal with Crypto Exchange FTX

Riot Games entered a seven-year agreement with crypto exchange FTX for its North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) competition. As part of the seven-year partnership, the cryptocurrency exchange will present the new Most Important Player Award. It will also sponsor various segments as well as graphics on the LCS broadcast. Fans of LCS will begin to see FTX branding across LCS broadcasts this weekend.

The crypto exchange stated above-entered esports in June. It signed a 10-year deal that’s worth a total of $210 million with North American esports organization TSM.

Riot Games explained the partnership with the crypto exchange FTX in an official blog post. The video game developer stated that at the forefront of every LCS partnership, the company considers the sentiment and interests of its fans. The information gathered from fans is very important as it helps Riot Games to develop the League of Legends Championship Series.

Crypto Exchange FTX and a non-fungible token

The crypto exchange FTX made an important announcement on Monday. It announced that cooperate with Dolphin Entertainment to create an NFT marketplace for important sports and entertainment brands. This is not the first case where FTX will be experimenting with NFT. The crypto exchange previously launched an NFT based digital collectible market in June for the customers to buy, sell NFTs.

Its partner Dolphin Entertainment includes important subsidiaries and several significant PR firms across different industries.

The NFT marketplace will emphasize brands witing various industries spanning films, culinary, music, etc. It will deliver premium NFT content based on a variety of genres such as film, television, gaming, music, culinary, etc.

The NFT market continues to develop, as more and more brands are joining the league to venture into NFT content and offer services for the same. The average of non-fungible tokens reached $2 billion in 2020. It is not surprising that NFTs gained popularity across the world, as many artists and organizations support NFTs.

FTX.US’s President Brett Harrison also made a comment about FTX’s partnership with Dolphin Entertainment. The crypto exchange is happy to work with Dolphin Entertainment according to Harrison. Its outstanding reach encompassing versatile pop culture phenomenon will provide desirable leverage to crypto exchange FTX. Together, the partnership aims to develop an interactive NFT marketplace combining forces of unique content with crypto to make it more user-friendly as well as consumer-centric.

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