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Plutos Network ICO is Live. What does this Platform Offer? 

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Plutos Network ICO is live. What does this platform offer? 

Plutos Network ICO is Live. What does this Platform Offer? 

Plutos Network is relatively new, but it has great potential. This multi-chain synthetic issuance and derivative trading company offers investors staking rewards, along with mining incentives. Plutos integrates various blockchains, including Polkadot, Solana, and BSC, and enables on-chain and cross-chain trading and liquidity. Furthermore, the platform offers its customers synthetic issuance and various trading services for a wide range of synthetic products. These products are profitable and sustainable, as well as disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

TrustPad is launching Plutos Network’s platform today. The company announced earlier that it was proud to launch such a revolutionary platform on its launchpad. According to TrustPad, Plutos Network’s core team have years of experience working in the crypto derivatives and traditional financial sector. As a result, they worked meticulously to build the platform that acts as a one-stop for trading various crypto derivatives.


What is Plutos Network’s goal? 

Plutos Network aims to create new values and innovations to DeFi synthetics. Considering that this market is still in its exceedingly early stages, the company faces considerable obstacles. However, this field has exponential growth potential. Therefore, the reward far outweighs the difficulties on the way.

With this platform, all customers will have access to synthetic assets from both the crypto market and the traditional financial market. In addition,  Plutos will also be able to deliver keynote features such as low cost of transactions, scalability, and high interoperability by enabling cross-chain and on-chain functionalities.

Thus, it will offer the perfect solution for the current DeFi derivative market to difficulties and limitations such as low transaction speed, high gas fee, and vulnerability of hacking.

The company is launching its native utility token PLUT to give its users more advantages. This ERC20 token is available from today. Its ICO price is $0.300000, and only 20% of the total supply of 100,000,000 PLUTs is for sale. The initial coin offering will end on June 24, 2021.

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