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PAL, INSTA, and ORI tokens are available – Defi market wrap

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PlayAndLike launched its ICO today. What does it offer?

PlayAndLike launched its ICO today. What does it offer?

PlayAndLike began its native token’s ICO sale today. 3,333,333,333,333 PALs will be available for trade, which is 0.0556% of the total supply. The price is $0.000001 per token during the initial coin offering. Investors can buy PAL on Ignition’s platform. The company aims to raise $10,000,000, and it accepts BUSD in exchange for its tokens.

Play&Like plans to create a platform where people can upload small videos or entertain themselves with existing content. It will be much like YouTube or TikTok, actually, but on the Defi platform. The company will also work on a social incentive to attract users. Customers will be able to create their own videos and like other ones. It’s a chance for people to showcase their talent and creativity while earning some passive income. PlayAndLike’s global community offers multiple earning options.

The company plans to provide every PAL token holder with simple and effective ways to gain exposure to digital assets. It also gives an equal chance to everyone to become a star without any discrimination. Besides, this platform is community-focused and fully decentralized.

Play&Like’s team believes that people are all born with distinctive talents that are as singular as fingerprints. However, these are not skills we learn along the way but inborn gifts, like how your voice sounds, athletic prowess, or inner mechanical capability. Thus, it offers the opportunity to show these natural talents to the whole world and gain money along with popularity. The company will reward its users with its native utility token.

Users can earn PALs simply by making dance or tutorial videos, but they will also have to make their channel on the platform.


What about Play&Like’s App? 

The company created its own app, which operates as an online platform. In addition, it offers a wide variety of services, including communication and advertisement services. The community members and users can create their profiles with it. The users can also enjoy live streaming, chatting, voice call, and video call, among other features.

The app also provides a Wall where customers can post pictures, videos, advertisements, and promotional content. Furthermore, a person can easily earn free money by watching videos in the app.INSTA's hot ICO is also live

INSTA’s hot ICO is also live


Instaraise is starting its ICO sale today, as well. Its native token is very high ranked. However, the sale will end in two days, so investors don’t have a lot of time if they want to secure INSTA. The total supply of tokens is 1000000, and the company accepts XTZ in exchange for its tokens.


This is a first-ever decentralized Initial DEX Offering platform built on top of Tezos. And it enables token-based projects to raise funds by setting up a swap pool. However, that happens based on a fixed purchase rate for tokens. Fixed Swap Pools have many advantages for token sale investors compared to traditional fundraising models like ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. They will maintain the token price throughout the sale until the initial supply is bought.


Thanks to Instaraise, Tezos projects will raise and exchange capital faster and easier, with fewer fees to pay. Furthermore, users will be able to participate in a compliant and secure environment. The company facilitated instant liquidity provisioning in a very safe manner by using its Smart Contracts.


Anyone can use Instaraise’s presale Infrastructure. The customers will use the owner console to start their presale with the help of the company’s verified Smart Contracts.


While customers will configure presale facilitation consoles according to their needs, they will be able to list only explicitly whitelisted Pools on the platform. Consider that explicit whitelisting takes time, and the company will also make sure the project is verified and KYC’ed properly.


The Instaraise team believes in empowering projects by helping them to strategize. It aims to bring more visibility to the Tezos ecosystem.


How can investors use the Instaraise platform?


Startups and projects can raise funds with presales with the Instaraise platform. They can also use its infrastructure to facilitate a presale in the most secure way possible. Using Fixed Swap Pools means that the platform will be able to maintain the price throughout the sale for everyone.


There are other advantages for the users, as well. The supportive ecosystem and low gas fee have already brought in a lot of traction for Defi development on Tezos. Meanwhile, the company provides a platform for Defi products on the tezos chain, enabling users to raise capital via token presale.


Besides, Instaraise works hard to eliminate rug pulls. The latter make Defi less secure. However, the Instaraise presale platform plans to fix this problem via liquidity locking.


Another problem in the Defi space is that venture capitalists, influencers, and well-connected people receive allocations for private sales or presales. As a result, average investors often miss out on early investments. Instaraise aims to give holders and stakers the token priority by using “Pool Weight Score,” thus, retail investors will be able to partake in sales. Instaraise’s IDO platform is completely decentralized. It is also open to all.What about Orica's token?

What about Orica’s token? 

Orica is an environmentally friendly NFT marketplace. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, it offers a solution for the environment. Furthermore, the company provides many ways for creators to make money with their art, such as Initial NFT Offerings. INOs work like crowdfunding. They allow artists to sell their art before they have even created it.

Orica aims to make NFTs accessible for everyone, even if they don’t have any technical knowledge. Besides, users won’t have to spend lots of money on fees.

The platform launched its native utility token presale on August 14, 2021, and will end on September 14, 2021. The token price is 0.1 USD per ORI, and the company accepts ETH and BNB in exchange for its coin.

According to Orica’s team, 50% of the ORI’s total supply will go to NFT marketplace rewards, 15% is set aside for Presale, 15% will go to the team, 10% is for advisors and partners, 5% will go to Ino and another 5% to Seed.


How does Orica work? 

The company offers investors many interesting features. Even though it’s relatively new on the market, the ORI token is already very popular, ranking high on the ICO listing platforms. According to some analysts, Orica will make a sound investment thanks to its experienced team and well-developed roadmap.

Moreover, the company offers zero minting cost risk. It claims to be the only NFT marketplace that allows every artist to pay the minting fees after the conclusion of the sale. As a result, sales participants don’t have to worry about minting costs. The platform allows every artist to focus on creating art without inhibitions.

Orica also boasts a robust anti-fraud system. It protects the intellectual property rights of creators. The team at Orica considers security very important. The company also protects its collectors so that they won’t buy a stolen art on this platform. To ensure that, Orica requests Proof of Art (PoA) verification from all sellers.

This company is the only NFT marketplace that allows creators to make an initial offering while they are still in the process of creating their masterpiece. With NFT initial offerings, artists can raise the needed funds before creating, which makes their job much more manageable. Thanks to this platform, the lack of funds won’t hinder artists anymore.

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