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MULTI Token is Very Popular. What about FOUND? – Market Wrap

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MULTI Token is Very Popular. What about FOUND? – Market Wrap

 Multigame is a modern GameFi platform. It provides the utility needed for gaming and NFTs projects. The team designed the platform to be fair and easy to use, launching it on Binance Smart Chain. Multigame will play the role of accelerator for other gaming and NFT startups. It will also develop separated GameFi projects.

 The company plans to begin its native token’s ICO on August 30, 2021. 5,000,000 MULTI tokens will be available for sale, which is 0.5% of the total supply. The price will be $0.022000 per MULTI during the initial coin offering. Multigame plans to raise $110,000 by trading the tokens, and it will accept BNB and BUSD in exchange.

In the initial stages of the development, the platform focuses on six key features. These are fair-launch, initial NFTs offering, farming, simple LaunchPad, own marketplace, and GameFi products. 

The first step is the launch of the $MULTI token. To make it real, the team has designed tokenomics. While the MULTI token is simple, it may still have the ability to impress the community. MULTI is already listed on more than 436,231 watchlists, and its popularity will grow even more in time.


How will the company distribute its token?

 According to the development team, it will only use the capital from private sales to develop the project. The team does not hold any tokens. 69.5% of tokens are for farming (in 3 years), while the platform will use 20% for more liquidity and community development. Meanwhile, 10.5% of tokens will be set aside for private and public sales.

 Besides, Multigame boasts an auto distribution mechanism. The company will launch it to ensure the rapid growth of users on the Binance Smart Chain. If a user buys Multigame’s native token on Pancakeswap, they should set the Slippage over 12% for a successful transaction.

 The company isn’t the first one to use this auto distribution mechanism. The latter has been operating effectively, gaining dedicated supports from big communities as BABYDOGE and SAFEMOON. Still, if users do not like this mechanism, they can wait until the company lists CEX or develop it on Ethereum Optimism Layer-2. 

Furthermore, the platform will distribute awards to its users. When customers hold $MULTI in their wallets or do farming, they will receive NFT automatically. “NFTs Reward Pool” fund supports this reward to ensure the value of gifted NFTs. 

Users can access “NFTs Reward” in the profile and see the progress of a new NFT creation. According to the team, the more $MULTI customer holds or farms, the faster the new NFT creation speed. After the NFT is fully formed, users can click “Claim” and receive it.


How can investors get more $MULTI tokens?

 Multigame will reserve 69.5% of $MULTI for farming in 3 years. It means that if the investor is holding $MULTI, they can start to farm to receive more tokens or new NFTs from the “Auto NFTs Reward” mechanism.

 The company also plans to launch Initial NFTs Offering (INO) in the future. This feature will help GameFi and NFTs projects starting to sell NFTs boxes at the pilot stages. When a customer opens the box, they will receive one NFT corresponding to the ongoing project. And besides usual NFTs, there are also some rare and super-rare NFTs to be found in the boxes.

 In addition, these NFTs will have extra utilities depending on each different project. And customers will get their own privilege, as well.

 Multigame is the only marketplace for many other GameFi and NFTs projects that enables users to trade NFTs. Investors and traders can easily and conveniently sell their NFTs or buy from other players.

 The team mainly designed this platform with the goal to provide investors with many privileged utilities by simply holding $MULTI. However, it will also provide NFTs collectors unique benefits.


What advantages will the token holders receive?

 Farming will help token holders to get new $MULTI without doing anything. And holding or farming $MULTI tokens will help them to receive new NFTs as rewards. In addition, farming $MULTI will allow customers to participate in INOs held by Multigame. 

Users who open a rare box will have the opportunity to participate in IDO, as well. If they collect enough $MULTI tokens, they can even merge them into a character in the Echo’s story. Considering that NFTs Reward Pool supports all NFTs, they have a certain value, and users can easily sell them at the marketplace. 

Multigame also plans to develop GameFi for its own platform along with supporting GameFi and NFTs projects through modern features.

ccFOUND is launching FOUND token soon. Here’s what you should know about it

KOM token is already available. How does the solution work? ccFOUND will start its initial coin offering on September 2, 2021, and the sale will end on September 6, 2021. 50,000,000 FOUND tokens will be available for trade, and the price will be $0.050000 during the ICO. The company aims to raise $2,500,000 by exchanging its tokens for ETH, USDT, BNB, and BUSD.

The company plans to create the largest online, self-updating and multilingual knowledge database around the world. It will divide the database into individual thematic sections. As a result, users will be able to learn about any topic in the most natural way: through QUESTIONS and ANSWERS.

Like Facebook began conquering the market from Harvard students and Uber from the San Francisco region, ccFOUND aims to start the third Internet revolution with investment topics and then move on to the next ones.

What will the company focus on?

The company will start by focusing on the cryptocurrency niche. This market has enormous growth potential, and many analysts expect the number of its users to increase exponentially in the next few years. That is the first challenge, in fact, considering that people who have never had practical contact with Defi and crypto technology will want to read about them. However, currently, there is ubiquitous information chaos, and not all platforms give people clear and useful information. 

Some of them can as easily confuse the interested readers then enlighten them. ccFOUND plans to explain the various subjects, answer nagging questions and organize readers’ knowledge to enable them to profit with crypto.

After the platform becomes well-known in the cryptocurrency segment on the Polish and English-speaking market, the company will add portals with new languages, along with other investment topics. Its goal is to dominate the topic of investment on the Internet. ccFOUND will create independent portals related to other topics (including health, science, relationships, etc.) and develop these topics within a subsidiary brand.

Furthermore, the company plans its portal to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As a result, the FOUND token owners will have absolute power. ccFOUND will become a multinational community of people who will obtain wisdom and knowledge, share their opinions and consult experts.


How will the FOUND coin work?

The company will implement its own token FOUND. ccFOUND team created the latter in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. Users will be able to send the ccFOUND Coin securely to compatible wallet applications, like MetaMask. However, the company reserves the right to issue its Coin on another blockchain network if it becomes beneficial for this project and the Investors.

FOUND is the utility token, and the company will use it on its platform. From a legal standpoint, this token will be a form of identity card with a specific entitlement. That means token holders will receive special rewards and benefits from the platform.


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