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Meme and Nabox tokens’ ICO began today – DeFi market wrap

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Meme and Nabox tokens’ ICO began today – DeFi market wrap

Meme and Nabox tokens’ ICO began today – DeFi market wrap

Meme launched its ICO on the Polkastarter platform today. This platform uses entertainment and crypto to measure the value of internet content. It also enables users to mint memetic coins, which are priced based on the perceived value of the meme or trend they represent.

Furthermore, the community crowdsources content around each meme, and the best memes each month receive rewards, such as special NFT art and collectibles. The company wants to incentivize the community to create and contribute to a specific meme. Thus, it allows customers to stake coins on the platform.

Meme.com has announced recently that it planned to launch its IDO on Polygon via its new integration with Polkastarter. Polygon and Meme.com have a long history, their partnership goes back all the way to 2019.

As a POS-Plasma chain scalability solution, Polygon provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions. It also leverages developer platforms and blockchain scaling, thus improving user experience and complex decentralized transactions. Currently, the platform focuses on taking blockchain technology to the mainstream. Meme.com launched its native token $MEM to empower its ecosystem by encompassing the various functions.

Meme.com has already managed to raise $5 million

The platform has raised $5 million from blockchain-focused venture capital funds, such as Digital Finance Group, Outlier Ventures, Blockhype, Morningstar, Spark Digital Capital, and other investors.

According to the firm, over a dozen investors contributed to the round, and additional funding came from angel investors, the CEO of Altitude Games, Gabby Dizon, and Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

Memecoins like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and dogecoin skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. Considering such a trend, the company decided to bridge the two markets and unite them.

Investors can mint tokens based on the perceived value of the meme they represent, while others can stake the tokens.

Joanna Liang, head of investment at Digital Finance Group, noted that the company believes memes and meme markets are a promising and innovative way to empower people who find or create trends.

Meanwhile, FINE token’s popularity increases

FineCrypto launched its native token recently, but FINE has already reached the top of trending ICO lists. The sale will continue until October 1st, so the investors still have time to decide if they want this token in their wallets. FineCrypto Network offers users interesting features, including a unique in-house development and crypto-finance game, where anyone can make a profit. The company introduced a gaming platform/ web wallet, offering users cryptocurrency exchange with minimal commission.

The FineCrypto network consists of its native token FINE. It provides all services through the FineCrypto.network app, safeguarding users’ security and privacy. FINE is a utility token, and it serves multiple purposes, ensuring the security and growth of the network. The company developed this token for a new generation of the financial cryptocurrency game. The uniqueness of this cryptocurrency game will enable users to increase the price of tokens on the exchange every week.

The total supply of FINE tokens is 100000000. FineCrypto plans to distribute tokens in the following order: 50% goes for pre-sale, airdrop gets 20%, team – 10%, the same amount goes for marketing, and the company plans to set aside 10% for future development. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, and LTC in exchange for FINE.

What about the platform?

Meme and Nabox tokens’ ICO began today – DeFi market wrapThe founders have developed this unique gaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain system. FineCrypto is a one-of-a-kind blockchain game built with absolute assurance and honesty towards the user. However, it also contains an element of luck and excitement. According to the team, they offer a transparent system, along with the responsible approach of developers and absolutely clear goals and objectives.

This project unites tens of thousands of people with its concepts. The company aims to present users with a perfect gaming system that will appeal to everyone. Furthermore, it developed a project with zero commission.

FineCrypto’s decentralized application allows users to exchange in the system without commission. It will enable customers to process transactions easily and quickly with Fine Token.

Nabox offers interesting features to the investors

Nabox began its ICO today. Its native token with a similar ticker is an NRC20 built on the mainnet of NULS. Token holders can use NABOX across various chains. Besides, it is the governance token, so investors can use it to vote on product features or participate in making decisions.

The company stated that users could transfer NABOX tokens across Nabox wallets with zero gas fees through NerveNetwork. Furthermore, it may use the tokens for various rewards and incentives to encourage engagement with the platform, thus accelerating mainstream adoption of crypto assets.

The maximum supply of the tokens is 1,000,000,000,000 NABOX. According to the company, customers can provide liquidity or stake their tokens for rewards. With the growth of the userbase, the platform will start more pools and farms based on user demand.

Besides, holding NABOX Tokens grants customers various DID tiers. The latter also allows for several different use cases. The company noted that transaction fees would be levied on swaps at a later stage, and it will burn a percentage of NABOX Tokens in proportion.

What about Nabox’s platform?

Nabox strives to become a vital part of the DeFi ecosystem by solving the problem of cross-chain compatibility. It also aims to gradually serve customers in use cases outside of DeFi, in their day-to-day lives. Its clients can manage and sign their digital assets across various chains with a single DID.

Furthermore, there are no centralized registration processes on the platform, and users manage all private keys directly.

Nabox offers various advantages to its customers, including one-click cross-chain for easy swaps across different chains, working with Wallet Connect and various DApps, decentralized Identifier for management across chains and KYC purposes in the future. The platform supports ETH, BSC, OKExChain, and HECO, as well as various DApps on the NULS ecosystem.

The company also facilitates cross-chain transfers with NerveNetwork as a bridge via an API for each chain. It uses virtual banks created on Nerve’s consensus nodes to create and manage cross-chain contracts. They are also responsible for the verification and execution of transfers from other chains.



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