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LIKE token will be available soon. What about HAKA? 

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LIKE token will be available soon. What about HAKA?  

The Only1 announced recently that it’s going to launch its native token LIKE on August 2, 2021. The company offers 1,666,666.67 LIKEs for sale for a price of $0.060000 per token during the ICO. That is only 0.33% of the total supply. Only1 aims to raise $100,000 by trading its tokens. It will accept USDC in exchange for LIKEs.


Built on Solana, Only1 is the first of its kind NFT-powered social media. It is also the most scalable blockchain thus far. Social media users want to feel more connected with the artists and creators on the platform. However, in conventional social media, creators and artists have to go through a middleman to sell merchandise, release paid advertisements, and form partnerships. The company’s innovation through NFT aims to cut out these middlemen from the picture. And it plans to achieve that through two novel mechanisms.


How do these mechanisms work?


The first one is Creator Genesis-NFT. Each creator will mint a Genesis-NFT, and they will be able to associate perks with it. Users can stake $LIKE tokens on individual creators with APY. The latter adjusts according to the creator’s engagement with their fan base. Furthermore, both the Genesis NFT’s owner and the creator will receive a small portion of the staking pools’ reward.


The second feature is Content-NFT farming. In this case, the creator will be able to post exclusive content in the form of NFT to sell it in Only1’s marketplace. The user acquiring it will be able to see its content. However, the platform will enable the other customers to pay the unlocking fee (which can be low, like 1 $LIKE, depending on the NFT owner) and view the content. As a result, these users won’t have to pay a much higher price, and the creators win as well. Part of the unlock fee will go to them, and the other to the content-NFT owner.


to the team, there will also be token burn mechanisms from the transaction fees in the Only1 marketplace. Each unlock will give the viewer a lottery ticket which they can use every week to win the lucky draw for the airdrop.




HAKA token is attracting investors attention. What does it offer?


TribeOne plans to launch its native token HAKA in July. It is the first AI-powered decentralized platform, which offers NFT funding, lending, savings, and borrowing, all in one space.


TribeOne aims to build products contributing to the Decentralized Finance ecosystem. The company wants to attract the masses from the traditional finance space and maximize returns. The team noted that a lack of available user support mainly causes the fragmentation currently plaguing the DeFi industry. Thus, they created the TribeOne Ecosystem, offering customers a wide range of niche services – ranging from unsecured and secure loans to savings products and trust loans.


TribeOne will be a truly decentralized platform; Users will make a decision and govern the ecosystem instead of centralized finance authorities. Furthermore, the company is working towards solving inefficiencies in the digital lending space by creating intuitive and long-term solutions, which are easy to use.


How will TribeOne achieve its goal?


The company wants to create a tightly-knit community within the blockchain ecosystem. It will depend on values such as respect for all, mutual supporting, material generosity, equal opportunities for all and prioritizing the community’s interests over one’s own.


TribeOne will present various solutions that are accessible to all customers. These solutions will be equally beneficial for lenders and borrowers.


Besides, the team plans to enhance the adoption of the DeFi ecosystem by offering users its easy-to-use interface. It provides cryptocurrencies’ efficient utilization that enable to outplay the prevailing dynamics in the existing permissionless space.


Thus, this ecosystem can push for mass adoption of DeFi by simply diminishing entry barriers and ensuring maximum usage for all market participants on a large scale.

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