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HEROEGG Token is Available. What about BTRST? – Market Wrap

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HEROEGG Token is Available. What about BTRST? – Market Wrap

 HeroFi launched its native token today. This mobile RPG game enables players to earn tokens through PvP/PvE battles between Heroes. Furthermore, each Hero in the game is unique and equally accessible to anyone. Investors can stake as much as they want on the platform as there is no initial investment barrier in HeroFi. The game is completely free to play, and it’s quite profitable. The founder team aims to eliminate the gap between normal games and NFT games by offering this new product to Defi users.

 HeroFi’s players will be able to collect and trade NFT heroes. The latter can even get married and give birth to new NFT heroes, which is a totally new feature in the Defi games. Besides, users can build up a powerful army to fight in fierce battles. After winning each battle, they can get a reward of collectible resources. Players can use these resources to craft valuable assets and exchange them for real money.

 Gamesters joining the HeroFi’s fantasy world will have the chance to acquire legendary heroes like Phantom Slayer, Dragon Knight, or Golem, which is the descendant of Titans. If players recruit them to their squad, they will be able to level up their strategy skills while customizing the army. Each hero has a unique skill set that will be crucial for the user to beat all the game’s challenges. So, if you want to win the game, you should try to unite as many heroes as possible.

 How does HeroFi work?

 The company allows users to own in-game assets. Usually, the items and currencies are just mere collectibles in regular games, but in this case, assets belong to players if the latter manages to win them. The game also offers features that allow users to create new items. By trading these items, players can significantly increase the value of their in-game assets. 

Moreover, the company encourages players to explore more content of the game and simultaneously gives them the motivation to complete their collection of various equipment and items. Users can build a stronger army and proceed further in the story. Consequently, they will also increase their in-game assets. 

One of the advantages of this platform is the PvP mode, which allows players to compete in challenging games. This mode motivates users to collect and upgrade their items and build a stronger Hero squad. According to the team, the exchange of in-game assets creates interactions, just like in a real-life economy. 

The plot is straightforward, but it is also fun and challenging. The story begins in the fantasy world where some forces liberate magical power and vacate the One Above All throne. After that, the war breaks out between the gods, and they all begin fighting to claim the crown. The player must become one of the gods, defeat the opponents and recruit other heroes to win the game by truly becoming the One Above All. 

There are three clans challenging the player to join. These are the Midgard Heroes, the Heaven Force, and the Hell Army. 

What about HeroFi’s marketplace?   

HeroFi offers its own marketplace, where players can trade game items and heroes in the form of NFTs. If a player wants to produce offspring heroes, they will need to have at least one female and one male hero. Users can buy them from the marketplace if they only have heroes of the same gender. Furthermore, there are rare heroes with high levels and special abilities, and players can purchase them on the marketplace, as well. The company enables customers to use any BEP-20 tokens to participate in trading activities on the marketplace. 

HeroFi created its native utility token HEROEGG to give its users additional benefits. The initial coin offering a sale began today, and the 100,000,000 HEROEGG are available for trade. The ICO price is $0.005000 per token, and investors can acquire this coin on the LaunchZone platform. The company aims to raise $500,000 by trading HEROEGG tokens and accepts LZ coins in exchange. While this platform is relatively new, it has a strong potential and a well-developed roadmap.

Braintrust also plans to start ICO sales in a few days

ico, token Braintrust is a new decentralized talent network. It aims to replace outdated and fragmented labor markets with an algorithmically controlled and liquid marketplace. This network runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and it has a native utility token BTRST. Users can earn this coin by recruiting other clients and developers for the platform. On the other hand, customers and developers can use BTRST to enhance their job postings and their proposals. They will also be able to take courses to acquire new skills. The team created the Compound governance protocol. As a result, they now boast a one-token, one-vote system that gives BTRST token holders proportional control over the network’s governance. 

The various native token provides strong incentives to customers to use the network and participate in the network’s governance. The company refers to this incentive alignment as the ownership economy. 

The Braintrust is a talent network. Thus, clients can place their “asks” by posting various jobs to the network. They should also specify parameters such as skillset, rates, and geography. The platform will match developers/talents and clients accordingly after the former responds to the “bids” and expresses a desire to do the job. 

The Braintrust network’s core innovations are programmatically rewarding network participants. They will contribute to the building of the network. Besides, this platform will be totally decentralized, and it will eventually replace expensive and ineffective centralized platforms with intermediaries. 

The network will be able to reduce the capital required to build the platform significantly. It will also cut fees for talent to zero and simultaneously cut costs for users by up to 70% in some cases.

 Braintrust is already well-established on the market

 Braintrust is a live, self-governing network, and it already boasts tens of thousands of talented participants and hundreds of enterprises using its platform. The network processes millions of dollars in transactions each month. 

The company launched its native utility token BTRST on the Ethereum mainnet. It decided to use the ERC-20 standard for its token. BTRST powers the entire decentralized network’s governance. It also incentivizes the community to build the Braintrust network through referring clients and screening new talents. The company provided a fixed supply of 250 million tokens. That means the total number of tokens in circulation will never surpass that amount.

 The BTRST token holders can use it for various purposes, such as governance, bid staking, and career benefits. Users can discuss ideas for improvements and propose changes, as well as vote on governance proposals. Each token represents one vote. Thus, customers who hold more tokens will have a greater say in the network’s development. 

In addition, talents and developers will be able to stake tokens to stand out. They can even offer their tokens as collateral, but they will lose it if they fail to deliver on the contract. Clients can do the same, but they will lose the tokens if they don’t go forward with the job. 

According to the team, the tokens will be redeemable for special benefits offered by other community participants exclusive to this community. 

The company will start its ICO sale on September 9, 2021. 12,500,000 BTRST tokens will become available for sale for the price of $0.996000. The company will accept USDT, USDC, ETH, and BTC in exchange for its tokens.

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