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Global Community Coin and BKN are live – Defi market wrap

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Global Community Coin and BKN are live – Defi market wrap

GCC is the native utility token of the Global Community. Its ICO sale started on August 23, 2021, and it will end on October 4, 2021. GCC is one of the highest-ranking tokens on the market currently, and it’s trading for 0.001 USD. The total supply of the tokens is 5,500,000,000 GCC, but not all of them will be available during the initial stage.

Global Community Coin is a new technology that works with global expenses, alphanumeric currency, and submissions.

The community has managed to assemble a thriving digital economy. It offers audacious new ways for architects to earn electronic money. The platform is open to everyone. However, the team built it specifically for entrepreneurs. They have a large community of entrepreneurs who lend their support to this Community coin.

Global Community Coin aims to develop decentralized telecommunications, along with security software applications (DAPP). It will provide an easy-to-use interface to make it easier for its customers to use the platform’s services. The company also launched GCC token on the Binance smart chain, which is one of the best-decentralized platforms.

Internet is a globally distributed network, and it enables billions of users to communicate. This revolutionary technology allows people to connect with each other through a common shared platform. However, Defi space was another revolution that is already influencing the global economy in some profound ways. But as it’s common with new developments, there are many obstacles in decentralized finance that need to be overcome. One of the problems is that an excessive number of new crypto miners get sucked into a high APY LP-cultivating trap. As a result, purchasers with higher marking rewards force them to move out from the game and forfeit any future gains. Global Community Coin plans to change the rules and make sure that every user has equal chances.

GCC is a community-based digital currency. Furthermore, the team is distributing the biggest percentage of the coins to its community through the airdrop program. The Dev team plans to work closely with selected leaders from different parts of the world and push the project forward with their skills.


What are the key features of Global Community Coin?

Global Community token offers lots of advantages. For instance, it’s very secure and safe. The company leverages a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network. The latter cryptographically helps users in securing every transaction.The platform also offers quick transfers. It makes available instant fund transfers for its customers globally. The company uses fast block execution which is very effective.

Furthermore, Global Community Coin allows direct transactions among network participants. Customers don’t need the presence of a central facilitator, thanks to the decentralized technology. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, which is easy to use. In addition, the company ensures scalability, thus facilitating the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. According to the platform, every GCC transaction will incur a 4% tax for the benefit of its community. Users can increase their balance just by holding GCC.

What about the Brickken token?

tokenBrickken launched its native token on September 1, 2021. BKN is also very popular on the market, and it is currently trading for 0.08 USD per token. The initial coin offering will end on February 28, 2022. The total supply of the tokens is 100.000.000. According to the team, 20% goes to the team, 25% is set aside for investors, 40% is for War Chest, Airdrop gets 1,5%, advisors have the same amount, and 12% is for Liquidity Pool. The company accepts ETH, BTC, USD, USDC, and EUR in exchange for its tokens.

Brickken is currently working on a dApp that will provide the tools for individuals and businesses, enabling them to issue their own Security Tokens. Anyone will be able to use this state-of-the-art blockchain technology worldwide.

Furth more, this technology finally allows self-crowdfunding, which is a big advantage. Brickken’s platform will also provide a user interface that offers the best experience. It’s very easy to use, as well. The platform opens new opportunities to businesses and individuals, especially if they are looking for alternative methods of raising funding through tokenization and without any intermediaries.

Brickken’s major goal was to tokenize the world. However, the team realized that it was approaching the accessibility of illiquid markets from the wrong perspective. So, it changed the goal, and now its decentralized technology provides the tools and platform needed for the world to tokenize itself.


What about Brickken’s features?

Customers can use the BKN token for all transactions made within the platform. The company’s decentralized application will be capable of providing the simplest way to issue security token initiatives, as well as initiating an STO. Its dashboard will allow investors and traders to browse and buy the tokenized assets using Brickken. Meanwhile, smart contracts facilitate regulatory compliance, and they will engage with the issuer, investor, and the platform.

Furthermore, the company will enable issuers to create STOs using BKN tokens. Customers can set the terms related to each STO directly from the platform. Withdrawing Funds is also very easy, and users can exchange their successful STO tokens for USDC directly on the platform. In addition, issuers can manage dividend distribution to investors, ensuring efficient use of time and resources.

The company integrated a Know-Your-Customer system with the platform to verify the identity of both issuers and investors and thus, ensure regulatory compliant STOs.

Besides, the team plans its decentralized protocol to become the legally compliant tokenization standard worldwide. The company will continue to develop and innovate until it has solutions to the problems. It already offers issuers several solutions. For instance, they can fund their account balance by purchasing BKN tokens directly from the platform.

The company provides investors with a dashboard broadcasting the live STOs. Brickken’s decentralized protocol helps to create the latter. Meanwhile, its platform ensures an optimized user interface to improve the investment experience. Brickken continues developing its features. It has recently introduced a crypto-payments system that allows traders to buy tokens using any crypto-asset available in the marketplace.


Here are several other advantages of this platform:

Brickken allows users to manage their investments in tokenized assets. Investors can receive and withdraw dividends directly from the platform. Moreover, they can exchange their acquired security tokens for the other available security tokens on the platform.

The company boasts a front-end dashboard that will integrate both MetaMask and API service. It needs the MetaMask integration to allow users to interact directly with the blockchain, as well as protocol contracts. On the other hand, the API service will handle user logins, KYC management, registrations, and general operations.

The back-end will consist of a set of lambdas functions that expose the tokenization service without the need for a dashboard and simultaneously serve the dashboard app.

According to the team, they will use a KYC service solution to connect to the Lambdas system. Thus, they can execute the acceptance and rejection of requests with the API or through the dashboard.

The company also plans to create a database that will store useful information for the functionality that Brickken will eventually build. Brickken is creating smart contracts for future uses. It has an escrow contract, where investors and token holders can deposit money until the STO is finalized.

Meanwhile, issuers will use the escrow contract to deposit the interests/dividends that serve as revenue (yield) for the investors.


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