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Gamestarter’s Token is Trending. What about RPG ICO?

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Gamestarter’s Token is Trending. What about RPG ICO?

Gamestarter is a crowdfunding platform. Based on blockchain, it aims to help indie game developers to fundraise by selling unique in-game assets as NFTs. This platform is similar to Kickstarter’s proven business model. As a result, funding on Gamestarter means all-or-nothing. The platform will charge users for a pledge towards a project only if it reaches its funding goal.

Moreover, Gamestarter provides its own marketplace. Users can trade digital assets from successfully launched games on this platform. The company gives the NFTs owners as much agency as possible, along with the ability to trade. Realizing real-world value from user’s holdings is crucial for the NFT ecosystem to thrive.

The company created its native token GAME Coin to support its ecosystem. It plans to offer investors 100,000,000 tokens during the initial coin offering. That is only 29,25% of the total amount, though. GAME is an ERC20 utility token. Customers can use it to buy and sell NFT’s during the crowdfunding stage, as well as in the marketplace.

Gamestarter also plans to offer digital creators the opportunity to communicate directly with their buyers. This platform comes with two referral programs. The first one rewards customers for bringing new users to the Gamestarter, while the second pays them to promote NFTs sold on this marketplace.

The company will provide developers with promising funding opportunities, enabling them to fundraise and simultaneously retain full equity and IP. It will introduce new revenue streams for developers and gamers alike. In addition, Gamestarter plans to establish a rich token-based economy. It will offer to power referral bonuses, rewards programs, digital goods, and more.

The platform will have effective marketing tools, enabling it to give developers access and exposure to its community.

What is Rangers Protocol, and what advantages does it offer?

MoonStarter ICO will last only two days. What does it offer?Rangers Protocol is a virtual world blockchain infrastructure. It is incubated by NFT, MixMarvel, EVM, and integrating cross-chain protocols. The protocol is ready for launch after undergoing multiple iterations and functional upgrades.

Rangers Protocol allows developers to create complex decentralized applications freely, as well as to adapt them to various scenarios. Thus, it gives customers an Internet application-like experience. If people consider the current Ethereum DeFi ecosystem as a financial centre, the team intends Rangers Protocol to become an entertainment centre.

This protocol solves the high-frequency transaction problems by using the VRF+BLS consensus mechanism. It also helps with the data heterogeneity problem thanks to its cross-chain solution.

Furthermore, the company will use the horizontal expansion method for the diversity problem and the transaction’s real-time confirmation for the interaction problem. If the high transaction costs and slow confirmation speed don’t restrict frequent interactions, blockchain games will become possible in the true sense. Thus far, most of the so-called blockchain games’ experience is a monotonous collection.

 The protocol will also provide other features

The company plans to incorporate protocols like ERC-721 and regulate NFT as a standard for every other digital asset. The team will add to its features, engaging a new data reusing structure, and life cycle management, along with dapp-based data authority management.

These will enable Rangers Protocol to further realize its goals by integrating various underlying technologies. Rangers Protocol plans to become the virtual world blockchain infrastructure. It will integrate financial, non-financial, and semi-financial dapps.

The Ethereum ecosystem is enormous, but its underlying infrastructure is relatively simple. Developers will need to build elevated railways or something like that if they want to expand. And Rangers Protocol offers them the way to do that. Overall, this company has good potential and interesting ideas. It also has a well-developed roadmap. Furthermore, RPG tokens will give investors additional advantages when it comes to using the Rangers platform.

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