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GAIN Protocol will complete its high-ranked ICO soon

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GAIN Protocol will complete its high-ranked ICO soon

GAIN Protocol will complete its high-ranked ICO soon

GAIN Protocol is becoming very popular. It has got one of the highest rankings on several ICO listing platforms. The initial coin offering sale is ongoing, but it ends soon. The total supply of GAINs consists of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. During the presale, the GAIN was trading for 0.000000000174368 BNB, but the ICO price is 0.000000000348736 BNB per token.

Decentralized finance is becoming a dominant force when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency. With new projects developing at a breakneck pace, investors are paying more and more attention to DeFi. However, there are still lots of obstacles to overcome until this new space runs smoothly. Among these obstacles are problems with transparency, scalability, and corruption.

The idea is that this new world must be totally transparent, but the reality sometimes isn’t so ideal. After all, humans are of all kinds, and they are the ones behind the protocols. It’s difficult to trust the unknown, especially when you plan to invest money. As a result, many people prefer to avoid DeFi totally.

Still, the fact remains that decentralized finance has great potential, and it may well be the future of our economic world. Gain Protocol team saw the merits of this new space and decided to help the investors to become parts of it safely.

There are numerous new protocols offering various solutions to users. However, this company set out on a different mission to truly revolutionize how people think of trading, cryptocurrency, and DeFi.

What is Gain Protocol, and how does it work?

Gain Protocol is a BEP-20 token, which the team has built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project offers static rewards for GAIN token holders, along with the potential for massive payouts through its sweepstakes protocol.

The team aims to put token holders first. They want to offer their users a safer and much easier way to get involved in trading and amass gains as a result.

The company created seven protocols, developing novel and revolutionary ways to enable customers to earn passive rewards and become a part of a community. According to the team, Gain Protocol’s goal is to create the next generation of DeFi. This project pulls the best parts of other DeFi tokens while simultaneously improving them in new ways.

However, to achieve its goals, the company has a long way to go. For instance, they will have to overcome volatile price actions. Currently, whales are commanding tokenomics, and some people are serving themselves through token manipulation. There are also events such as rug pulls. All of these are very damaging to the DeFi space and its development.

Both developers and users need to navigate this evolving technology, finding the projects that are sound and give them the most for their investments. That can be a challenging task.

Gain Protocol focuses on alleviating many of these issues, though. It wants to build a community where token holders will be the prime beneficiaries. Many other projects have tried to do the same. However, most of them often fall short of truly realizing the full potential of a community focus. Gain Protocol has the potential to avoid such a fate and truly achieve its goals.

What about the protocol’s features?

GAIN Protocol will complete its high-ranked ICO soonBehind the GAIN token are seven protocols aiming to change how investors, traders, and everyday users interact with DeFi.

The first one is Whale Protection. In the DeFi space, this nickname belongs to large token holders that make a splash when they sell or buy. Even though whales play a prominent role in price movement and project funding, they often cause ripple effects, striking smaller traders and investors the hardest.

Gain Protocol doesn’t want to eliminate whales. The company wants to force them to play more responsibly. Thus, it created a whale protection protocol. That is essentially a dynamic fee structure that comes into play when a user tries to sell a large amount of their account.

As a result, when a whale tries to sell a substantial amount of their assets, they will face higher seller fees. The extra fees will feed right into the company’s static rewards protocol. Such an approach will help stabilize the price, as well as keep whales from rocking the market.

Static Rewards is the second protocol. With every transaction on Gain Protocol’s platform, the smart contract will collect fees from the sellers and the buyers. Afterwards, these fees will feed into the many protocols at the centre of the project.

Dynamic Liquidity Pools offer another advantage. Liquidity pools are many DeFi projects’ bedrock. They help provide the liquidity to match buyers and sellers without the need for a middleman.

However, traditional LPs have lots of issues. Thus, Gain Protocol decided to offer an improved alternative. The company caps the number of tokens at a certain amount after sufficient liquidity is achieved.

After that, it puts away the 1.90% on every GAIN purchase toward its sweepstakes protocol, giving customers a chance to win these tokens. The company also offers static rewards along with its daily sweepstakes protocol.

The team will hold a drawing from one or more of their seven sweepstakes types every day. They have created different types of drawings for different types of customers.


What about the Trace Network and its ICO?

Trace Network is another high-ranked token. The company is launching its ICO in July. TRACE is an ERC20 token, and its total supply consists of 100,000,000 coins. However, only 16,9% of that amount is available for Sale.

According to the team, Trace Network is an enterprise-grade NFT. Based on decentralized finance protocol, it harnesses the capabilities of composable smart contracts. As a result, Trace Network enables permission-less financing options powered by Decentralized Finance, along with the NFT based unique merchandise identification solutions. Using these features, the company aims to unlock the billions of dollars’ worth of business potential, which is currently undermined due to costlier trade financing and banking options, as well as poor merchandise inventory and ownership management.


What are Trance Network’s solutions to the existing problems?

The company has a well-developed roadmap, where it listed all the obstacles and their possible solutions. For instance, it plans to begin NFT based on-chain merchandise identity management.

Thanks to the Blockchain, users can create a unique digital identity for their assets, changing them into NFTs.

Using Trance Network’s platform, brands and retailers will be able to mint NFTs for any new product which they would be generating on this network. They can also send the product details on Trustify and, as a result, create more NFTs. The company will store them on the blockchain for users.

The main benefit of replacing the currently existing barcode structure with unique NFTs is that users won’t have to follow different organization standards.

Furthermore, product NFTs have another important function, which is enabling, as well as recording, the movement of products from one address to another on the blockchain. NFTs could make it quick and straightforward to see the overall stock status of products across the distribution network.

The company will also use NFTs to enable various community incentivization instruments for brands, including gift cards, loyalty cards, discount coupons, etc. Thus, brands will be able to build a loyal, long-lasting community.

In addition to minting capabilities, the network will enable the instant swap of NFTs amongst the community to further brand engagement.

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