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FOXSHIBA will launch its hot token soon – Defi market wrap

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FOXSHIBA will launch its hot token soon

FOXSHIBA will launch its hot token soon – Defi market wrap

FOXSHIBA is a Defi platform that aims to power the new equity blockchain. There are various solutions offering to solve one problem at a time in the Defi space. However, FOXSHIBA wants to go further. The team plans to build a secure, useful, and easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will even include a digital arbitration system, along with easy cryptocurrency payments integration.

The company plans to launch its native token’s pre-sale on September 20, 2021. The ICO will end on October 21, 2021, so investors will have plenty of time to buy these tokens. FOXI is a BEP20 coin, and its total supply is 500 million. The initial token price will be 0.014 per FOXI during the initial coin offering, and FOXSHIBA will accept USDT and BNB in exchange for its utility tokens.

The platform’s goal is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a community-driven blockchain network. The latter will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable. And FOXI will give investors and users additional incentives to use FOXSHIBA.

This project is wholly decentralized, which means that the community will ultimately own it. The team encourages holder contribution towards community engagement, marketing, and development.

Besides, FOXSHIBA aims to maintain transparent and open communication with its token holders. So, it will always inform users about the current and future direction of the platform’s growth.

The team believes that trust is essential in the world of cryptocurrency. It works to provide not only transparency but security as well. The company has already burnt its liquidity tokens, so they are locked forever, and it has invested gains in security audits of FOXSHIBA’S contract code.


How will the company use raised funds?

According to FOXSHIBA, funds contributed by its community will go towards three things. These are marketing, exchange Listings, and product development.

The company will hire social media influencers and become involved in real-world promotions and digital advertising. It will also increase its reach by listing on new exchanges to reach new audiences. In addition, FOXSHIBA plans to execute its roadmap and expand the ecosystem.

FOXI exchange will become a platform on which users will be able to buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies with minimum transaction fees. Furthermore, FOXI will act as the intermediary between a seller and a buyer.

To expand its ecosystem, the team will introduce LEASHFOX soon. This project will allow holders of FOXI tokens to benefit from staking rewards. Thus, the customers will earn more passive income. The company aims to enable more incentives during the development process. According to FOXSHIBA, it will use a portion of all fees from LEASHFOX to help fund its Investment Wallet.

FOXSHIBA’s token landed on the HOT ICO lists recently. Thanks to its considerable potential, FOXI’s popularity is increasing steadily.

FOXSHIBA will launch its hot token soon


Meanwhile, Structure.finance’s ICO continues. What are the terms?

Structure.finance launched its native token sale on September 13, 2021. The trade will end on September 20, 2021. 1,980,000 STF tokens are available for sale, and the platform accepts HT and TALK tokens in exchange for STFs.

This protocol platform supports the orchestration of various structured financial products.The team observes the pattern of DeFi development, trying to ascertain how to integrate different protocols with one another. It also offers a variety of products. As a result, the customers can make trades and earn profits. However, the current entry barrier for clients to use these protocols to build products is high. It also usually requires technical skills, if not actual coding.

In the traditional financial industry, companies invent structured financial products. Thanks to that, they can offer a simplified user experience for retail investors. Users can choose from the different investment products based on their risk appetite and expectations for the return.

Uniting interest rate products with derivatives means that there is more variety of products that retail investors could choose from based on their preference.

Structure.finance takes those advantages one step further by offering easy tools for creating structured financial products for cryptocurrencies. The company is also developing two options products at this stage to provide customers with more diversity in trading and risk hedging.


What about DeFi11 and its native token?

VEGA token ICO began on Coinlist. You don’t want to miss itDeFi11 is a relatively new Defi-powered gaming ecosystem. It unites the NFT virtual hybrid world, fantasy sports, and marketplace, along with P2P predictions and betting. This platform runs like a chain agnostic solution with a decentralized mobile application. Besides, it has an in-built smart wallet. The company uses a deflationary token model for $D11 tokens. Thus, D11’s value increases with every game that users play on the application.

The company launched its native token’s ICO on September 14, 2021. However, the sale will end on September 20, 2021. 600,000 tokens are available for sale, and the price is $0.150000 per D11 during the initial coin offering. Investors can buy the tokens on the Polystarter platform. The company plans to raise $90,000 during the trade, and it accepts USDC in exchange for its coins.

$D11 is the utility ERC-20 token. The team has built it on top of the D11 Protocol. Customers can use this tokens to pay contest fees, redeem game rewards, buy assets, etc.  

Furthermore, the token facilitates additional functions as both payment options, offering other discounts to its users and deterrent to bad actors (via its staking function). D11 boasts various functions, including fee settlement, reward claiming, staking upon registration, game Dev financing, and loyalty payments.

DeFi11 plans to decentralize the fantasy sports industry completely. The company also wants to create a fraud-proof platform for gamers. It will work to solve some of the obstacles in centralized fantasy sports, such as manipulation of game data, no user anonymity, unaccountable distribution of reward pool funds, creation of Dummy Winners, and misuse of information by company employees. D11 token has great potential, and it is already in the spotlight.


MDF token will become available tomorrow

MatrixETF is the next generation of decentralized ETF platforms. Its founder team aims to establish a decentralized, personalized, automated, and diversified portfolio for customers. The company will also enable users to enjoy long-term, stable, and efficient financial services.

MatrixETF is launching its native token on September 18, 2021, and the sale will end on September 22, 2021. MDF is an ERC20 token. Its price will be 0.02 USD during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise 2,000,000 by trading its utility tokens. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 MDF.

MatrixETF has big plans. The team is especially interested in Inclusive financing. The United Nations proposed this concept of financial services in 2005. It means the public has equal access to sustainable and responsible financial services.

Inclusive Finance aims to provide financial products and services to help the low-income population, as well as integrate the whole population into the economic system. In addition, it will reorganize various financial services to meet users’ needs.

While it all sounds great, there are still 2 billion people worldwide who do not have access to formal financial services. According to the World Bank Report, that is 38% of the world’s adults.


In effect, a third of the population in the world doesn’t use the formal financial system. MatrixETF wants to change that. The team believes that based on the diversity, programmability, and operability of the DeFi ecosystem, it can develop and combine the DeFi products in the market and create more innovative financial products. MatrixETF aims to make the financial world available for every user around the world.

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