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DBX token is Hot. What about HPW and BMNY? – market wrap

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DBX token is Hot. What about HPW and BMNY? – market wrap

DBX is a digital ecosystem. Registered under the Turkish jurisdiction, it has friendly and affiliated structures in Panama and Hong Kong, as well. The founder team plans to register and launch several financial companies under the European jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, DBX is actively developing and attracting a pool of professional partners by offering them ICO projects, payment systems, and online stores, along with shopping and service enterprises.

This is essentially the world’s first hybrid digital platform that protects customers’ interests and offers them a wide range of tools: from masternodes and PoS consensus to viability in the DeFi world. The platform is a blockchain system that operates by using cryptographic algorithms. Thus, it meets all the basic values of the crypto community: decentralization, anonymity, coin interchangeability, and high transaction speed.

The company launched its native token’s ICO today, September 1, 2021. The sale will end on September 9, 2021. DBX token is ERC-20, based on Ethereum. The price is 0.0642 USD per token during the initial coin offering. Even though the token and its platform are new on the market, DBX boasts a very high ranking on various ICO listing websites.

Why is this token so popular? 

The crypto market is growing rapidly, but lots of new problems and obstacles surface with the growth. Some of these problems are so complicated that solutions aren’t easy to find. However, there are platforms that comply with all international security standards and operate within the legal framework while trying to overcome obstacles.

DBX team claims that the development of their token can be traced back to the very first Bitcoin. According to them, the DBX ecosystem was created as a result of several successful forks.

Furthermore, each predecessor to DBX boasted various improved features compared to the antecedent core coin of which it was a fork. Gradually, the idea of DBX crystallized with all its solutions. It became possible to eliminate the inconveniences and disadvantages of the crypto predecessors and add advantages instead.

In the end, the team received a token that combines the best properties of different cryptocurrencies and continues to improve thanks to constant development in the DBX environment.

The DBX network is based on several blockchains, which have also been significantly improved. According to the company, these blockchains eliminate the shortcomings of Bitcoin, as well as other major cryptocurrencies and their forks.

The team designed the platform in such a way that it is protected from any centralized influence of a legal or natural person. Customers can use this crypto network for instant payments, everyday purchases, and for-profits from staking. It’s very convenient and secure. Besides, the DBX token holders can enjoy minimal transaction fees, and there are no restrictions on payment directions for them.


What about DBX’s other advantages?

One of the most important accomplishments of this platform is that it managed to create the possibility of a two-way flow of digital assets from the ERC-20 blockchain to the Quark blockchain and vice versa. That significantly increases the advantages of DBX. Its users will be able to choose the blockchain that is most suitable for their needs and optimize fees.

The team used various innovative technological solutions for the development of this platform. As a result, it offers almost instantaneous transactions within 0.5 to 2.5 seconds, along with a high fast transfer, minting, and conversion of coins.

The platform will be able to completely break the link between addresses and transactions, as well as between addresses and balances. Thus, both addresses participating in the transaction remain hidden. At the same time, users will be able to send completely open transactions in terms of code and information.

DBX’s cost-effective transaction processing takes up a small amount of data and consumes less energy. Besides, customers can make transactions by using several types and denominations of tokens.

Mega Token continues rallying

SafeDancer token's ICO got high-ranking. Why's that?Mega Token (HPW) built the first blockchain mining city in West Asia. It created a mining token equivalent to one watt of electricity used for mining and, in the process, tokenized the farm’s equipped mining power. The company’s Dapp allows customers with tokenized power sources to mine bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies.

The HPW platform boasts various interesting features. Its main advantage is availability. Anyone will be able to use HPW around the world, regardless of location and time.

Furthermore, HPW has enabled all people worldwide to use the mining technology by tokenizing the power of full watt. The platform uses cheap and renewable electricity. Despite that, it enables customers to earn significant profits from mining. Thus, users can avoid wasting an excessive amount of resources during the mining cryptos.

The company also provides easy and simple access to crypto users by using smart contracts and prevents small farming problems.

HPW launched its native utility token on July 1, 2021. The sale will end on February 28, 2022. HPW is very popular on the market. In fact, it’s among the hottest live ICOs. According to the company, 60% of the tokens are set aside for ICO and IEO, while 40% will go to support and development.

The price is 5.5 USD per HPW during the initial coin offering, and the platform accepts USDT and TRX in exchange for its token.


What is B-money, and what does it offer?

B-money project is older than Bitcoin. As one of the major milestones in the history of blockchain, it was defined as Anonymous Distributed Electronic Cash System several years ago. Some Defi users even claim that this project motivated Satoshi Nakamoto to set up the blockchain. On the other hand, this project motivated several crypto enthusiasts to create a B-money token. 

The team launched its new token on June 28, 2021. The ICO sale will end on September 26, 2021. Meanwhile, the BMNY token is attracting more and more notice from DeFi investors. 788,190 BMNY tokens are available for trade, even though the total supply is 808,400. The initial token price is 0,02 BNB per BMNY. 

The team decided Wei Dai’s project to be the first because it offers the most approximate synthesis to current blockchain technology. Besides, Satoshi Nakamoto quoted Wei Dai’s paper on b-money as a reference. 

B-MONEY is essentially the first digital CC of the B-money DAO. The latter also lends its name to its DAO, which will create upcoming memento cryptos and serial numbered NFTs.

b-money protocols describe aspects that major cryptos function with today. For instance, the idea of broadcast and proof of work, as well as signing transactions, come from the b-money project.

Furthermore, incentives of currency makers with the mining process are also from the proposal of Wei Dai. The latter is both a scientist and cryptographer who created the C++ library along with the b-money project.

B-Money DAO currencies are global. They are not under the influence of any central authority. They are also more democratic due to decentralization. The community will make decisions for the DAO. Users will choose the next Memento cryptocurrencies, as well. 

The company plans to award its stakeholders by bringing the next memento cc’s closer to them. It will allow stakeholders to have newly released memento cryptocurrencies in advance, at a discount, and sometimes even for free. The community of B-Money Governance with determine quantities and shares, though. Overall, this project has strong potential and interesting ideas. Hence, its popularity on the market. 

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