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Crypto Pirates launched its hot token PST. What about CAT?

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Crypto Pirates launched its hot token PST. What about CAT?

Crypto Pirates launched its hot token PST. What about CAT?


Crypto Pirates is a new great Play 2 Earn game. The team integrated NFTs to make the game more interesting and profitable. The participants will become part of a reckless pirate crew and explore the infinite reaches of deep space. Pirates are one of the most exciting and popular characters. Generations after generations, children, and even grown-ups have been reading about them and pretending to be legendary captains. However, you don’t need to pretend anymore. Crypto Pirates offers an opportunity to play out your fantasies. Thanks to this platform, gamers will be able to command their crew with firm confidence, defeat foes, and fearlessly gaze into the deadly eyes of the Kraken.

The founder team aims to bring back some of these treasured childhood memories and give a taste of real adventures, albeit in the virtual world. Moreover, the platform enables users to invite friends. Thus, you will be able to navigate your solar-sailed ships through a huge mysterious world with your close comrades and discover glory and riches together.

However, Crypto Pirates isn’t motivated by only earning money. Unlike other Play-2-Earn gaming platforms, its main objective is to offer customers an interesting and immersive game, even if the players don’t want to spend money and choose to enjoy the platform for free.  

Still, the company offers a golden opportunity to earn profit while playing. Customers will only need to hold the PST tokens. The latter is the Crypto Pirates’ native token. While players can buy it during the ICO sale, they can also use PST during the game. Token holders will enjoy various benefits from the platform.


What about the PST token’s ICO sale? 

The team launched the initial coin offering on November 4, 2022. The sale will end on November 10, 2022. PST is a BEP-20 token. Its price will be 0.013 USD during the ICO. The company aims to raise $520,000 by exchanging its native tokens. The total supply of coins is 1,000,000,000, but only 8% will be available for purchase at this stage.

Furthermore, Crypto Pirates plans to invest in PR and marketing to improve the cryptocurrency community’s awareness of this project. The PST token is already high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms, but the company’s assets will be in higher demand after its campaign. That, in turn, will significantly increase their value.

Players can also profit handsomely from this platform by using its native token. The company doesn’t require any initial investment from the users. Besides, token holders can withdraw their PST anytime from their wallets or use them for in-app purchases.

The platform offers various great features, and it’s absolutely free to start playing. In fact, users can earn without making the initial investment. They just need to earn the PST tokens as rewards during the game. Moreover, players will be able to upgrade their ships and increase their earnings by using NFTs. Each new set of non-fungible tokens does not devalue the previous ones.  

The plot features XVII century pirates traversing a distant galaxy. This intriguing setting is a great lure for adventurous gamers. The platform also uses PvP and PvE modules to ensure a splendid player experience.


How does this platform work? 

Users can create an account on the Crypto Pirates platform via Metamask. Another option is to connect their wallet to the website. It’s secure as the company provides extensive security to ensure its customers’ safety.  

According to the team, Crypto Pirates will award the players Piastrs (the PST tokens) from the prize pool daily. However, the size of the reward differs based on the number of trophies the game participant collects per day, as well as the total number of trophies collected by all users in 24 hours. The next day, players will get payment and discard the old trophies. Thus, the cycle will begin anew. The game’s early adopters will acquire more PSTs, though, due to the low initial in-game competition.

In addition, holding more tokens means you can get more upgrades, which is pretty important. The more powerful your ship, the further you will be able to sail. As a result, you will be able to kill more monsters and, in the process, loot trophies from them. The upgrading process isn’t infinite, though. Users can install only 10 NFTs on it to add power.

Game participants will move between ports and fight against dangerous bosses, monsters, and other players. They can also take loot from their defeated rivals and become the richest pirate in the whole New World. Any registered user will receive free ship upon the first start-up. Considering that it plays a key role in Crypto Pirates, investing in the ship is a good start. By minting or purchasing non-fungible tokens and using them, gamers can raise their ship’s stats.

There are also artifacts that bring more profit. Players can either purchase them in the in-game store or loot them from bosses. The team pointed out that various types of artifacts have different effects.


The CAT token is also trending. Why's that?  

The CAT token is also trending. Why’s that?  

$CAT is the Cyber Arena ecosystem’s native utility coin. The token economy includes staking, liquidity incentives, locks, burns, and buybacks. The company provides various services. Its customers can purchase NFTS from Arenas, Avatars, Skins, game items, Avatar wearables, etc. They can pay for purchases with credit cards or cryptos from the platform.

Moreover, the company will enable third-party 3D artists to build custom arenas, skins, and characters on its platform. However, the protocol requires a 30% fee earned from the products made on the Cyber Arena platform.   

The team also allows players to participate in staking and earn profits. But the game will take a 2.5% fee on the stake. The platform’s native token $CAT, will give its holders various advantages. For instance, they will have voting power. After the protocol becomes fully functional, users can vote on important decisions and, thus, participate in significant changes in the ecosystem.

Cyber Arena plans to launch the CAT token’s ICO on November 15, 2022. CAT is a BEP-20 token, and its price will be 0.003 USD. The total supply of tokens is 5,000,000,000, but only 15% will be available for purchase.


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