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BOND and MLN on Binance. ATA and DCB are hot – Market Wrap

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BOND and MLN on Binance. ATA and DCB are hot – Market Wrap

Binance announced today that it would list BarnBridge (BOND) and Enzyme (MLN) tokens on its platform. The exchange will also open trading for BOND/BTC, BOND/BUSD, BOND/BNB, BOND/USDT, MLN/BTC, MLN/BUSD, MLN/BNB, and MLN/USDT trading pairs at 2021-07-05.

BarnBridge is the first tokenized risk protocol. Before the advent of smart contract technology, it was almost impossible to track and attribute yield to a divided allotment of capital and to do that trustlessly and transparently. Providing hedges against fluctuations was equally difficult. However, investors can now build derivative products from any type of market-driven fluctuation easily.

Examples include interest-rate sensitivity, fluctuations in predictive market odds, fluctuations in underlying market price, fluctuations in commodity prices, fluctuations in default rates across mortgages, as well as numerous market-based fluctuations to hedge a particular position.

BarnBridge plans to create the first cross-platform derivatives protocol for every such fluctuation. The team aims to focus on yield sensitivity and market price at first. Afterward, they will introduce a far wider variety of hedges against fluctuations in the decentralized ecosystem. The company wants to be both platform and asset agnostic.

As a result, BarnBridge’s users will reduce the risk of digital assets and digital asset yield sensitivity. And they will achieve that by breaking these assets into infinite, separate, dollar-denominated pieces or tranches and building derivatives off these tranches.

BarnBridge stated that it would smooth out the risk curve. The company will also offer layered risk management to both DeFi and tradFi investors by building more efficient yield and debt-based derivatives.

What about BOND?


BOND is the company’s native utility ERC-20 token. BarnBridge team will use it for staking in the system and as a governance token after they launch the governance module. As it conforms to the ERC-20 standard, users can trade $BOND on any exchange. Additionally, they can store it on any wallet worldwide.

ICOWhat does Enzyme Protocol offer to investors? 


Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world; some would even say that it is the largest. Consequently, the company chooses carefully which new tokens to list on its platform. Not all the new-hatched tokens end on Binance. The fact that users can now trade Enzyme on this platform already speaks for this token. Still, you may ask, what is Enzyme?

Shortly, it is an Ethereum-based protocol for decentralized on-chain asset management. The team created this protocol so that people or entities could manage their wealth and the wealth of others within a customizable, safe environment. The Enzyme platform enables anyone to invest in customized on-chain investment vehicles, set up, and manage them.

Furthermore, Enzyme enables its customers always to retain custody of their assets. As a result, their money goes where they want it to and whenever they want.

The company also provides full transparency about how strategies are performing, along with information about how they’re set up, composed, and operated.

Users can build and scale vaults based on the investment strategies that suit them best. They can choose from various strategies, including discretionary, Robo, ETFs, and market-making ones. Security is the company’s priority. It has had its second-generation smart contract-enforced platform thoroughly tested and audited before allowing any mainnet deployments.

The Enzyme also provides a secure, easy, and low-cost way of setting up and operating a vault. It has built in accounting tools, enabling users to report back in real-time to depositors. The platform connects customers to a pool of potential savers, making it easier to attract and build a community of supporters.

What about DeFi integration?


Enzyme gives users access to a large universe of DeFi protocols and tokens. Investors can earn yield by lending or providing liquidity and investing in an insurance mutual – all on one platform. Besides, Enzyme supports 200+ tokens currently, with liquidity from the ecosystem’s best-decentralized exchanges.

Enzyme Finance became known as Melon Protocol before it decided to rebrand. Its native token has a new icon and name, as well. Despite that, the MLN ticker and contract address stayed the same. The team uses MLN to pay for various functions throughout the vault creation process and the investment lifecycle. However, the Enzyme Council recently got the proposal to change the token economic model substantially. Being decentralized protocol, users have a say in that decision, though. Nothing is decided yet.

ATA token is trending now. How does its platform work? 


We already reviewed ATA ICO after it first went live. The initial coin offering ended on July 1, 2021. However, the ATA token continued being trading. It seems, its well-developed protocol and many advantages attracted investors’ attention. Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol, and it provides privacy middleware.

The company empowers decentralized applications with privacy services connecting various blockchains. As a result, service vendors can build tooling services using Geode and integrate Geode primitive into applications and let customers take control over their own data.

Automata also offer a shielded, and unbiased compute plane. It enables a high degree of privacy for computation in Geode. The latter conceals data access patterns against the hosting nodes on a single machine and in a P2P system. Thus, the provided privacy can be stronger than centralized cloud services, such as Google and AWS cloud platforms.

The platform also has an elastic control plane operated by a group of staking nodes. This plan safeguards the entire protocol and governs the interactions between participants in the protocol.

In addition, there is a collaborative reward mechanism for staking and hosting. The company provides a pay-as-you-go service for service vendors seeking to compute resources, prioritizing privacy. Geode providers will earn rewards from staking as well as hosting the Geode. Meanwhile, Automata validators and other roles can earn staking rewards as maintenance costs and compensation for their cooperation.


Automata Network also provides some other services


For instance, the company offers interfaces for multiple blockchains to exchange data and cooperate on the agreed set of data in a privacy-preserving manner.

The team uses various accounting methods to calculate the reward of Geode after it completes the assigned tasks.

However, Automata’s ultimate goal is to provide toolings for developers to build powerful applications without explicit constraints so that they can compete with web or mobile applications in general.


Meanwhile, Decubate is preparing to launch its native token tomorrow


Decubate is a community-powered investment platform created specifically for blockchain projects. The company plans to launch DCB token’s ICO tomorrow. DCB is BEP-20, and its total supply is 1,000,000,000. However, only 15% will be available for sale.

The platform aims to become Kickstarter 3.0 – a next-generation social crowdfunding incubator and connect investors and innovators. Furthermore, it will tokenize the innovations and fund the visions.

According to the team, Decubate will empower and justly reward both community participants and innovators. It will also connect influencers, auditors, advisors, ambassadors, developers, and marketers to contribute within the platform to increase the chances of incubated projects.

The company believes that blockchain innovation is essentially fractional ownership of all assets. Besides, Decubate is sure that the next digital revolution will be bigger than the internet was on assets when it first became digitized 20 years ago.

Decubate’s mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets. The company plans to achieve that by offering innovators the resources they need.

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