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Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Exceeds $52,000?

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Bitcoin Price Forecast – Bitcoin Exceeds $52,000?

The trading sector is under particular pressure in the face of the global pandemic, which has made the industry even more dangerous and puzzling for investors. The recent growth of Bitcoin has affected other currencies, and the result is in the face. Bitcoin is currently the most popular digital currency in the trading market.

As of September 6, the currency’s price had risen to $ 52,000, and the cost of Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and Stellar had also increased. BTC may be preparing to conquer new heights.

For two months after winning in a row, Bitcoin maintained a positive performance and rose. The US NFP has released a report that serves as a critical indicator of the Federal Reserve’s employment rate.

Following the report’s release on Friday, the weakness of the US dollar has already led to the recent rise of BTC / USD. However, the US notes that on Labor Day, a slight recovery in the dollar slowed the increase to $ 52,000.

Inflationary pressures continue to rise, with global interest rates close to record lows. The spread of the global pandemic and the delta variant greatly hinders the recovery process. However, this wallpaper seems to have turned out to be positive for the crypto field. It allows Bitcoin to repeat even May levels. 

Bitcoin bulls are hovering above $ 51,000, while bears are struggling to keep prices down to a critical level of $ 50,000. According to recent data, the trend is still upward.

The Impact of Bitcoin

According to the latest data, bitcoin growth results reflected in the following currencies – Litecoin (LTC) has risen 41% and continues to grow daily to $ 233. However, this currency is dependent on the growth of Bitcoin at this stage, and experts are observing whether it will be able to capitalize independently.

As for Bitcoin Cash, its growth compared to LTC is relatively modest. However, this representative has been maintaining its position with dignity for several years now. According to the latest updated data, its price has increased by 30%.

Financial analysts have been making reliable forecasts for people interested in bitcoin-based on the last month.

The situation in the world in terms of a pandemic is stable at this stage if there is no threat of a new strain. The damage done by the Delta option is quite significant in the financial sector, and it still has quite a substantial impact on the overall picture.


Investors who watch current processes and want to reap significant financial benefits should have constant access to news. Some experts perceive the rise of Bitcoin as a temporary event. This is because this currency is influenced by many factors, including what any analyst can not predict. The most optimal solution is to process statistics, view recent information, and act accordingly. Mistakes made in trading are difficult to correct. Information about the rise of Bitcoin will most likely be heard over the next period. However, correct prior action and strategic determination are the best solutions.

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