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AntEx offers solutions for Defi platforms. What about CHTX?

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AntEx offers solutions for Defi platforms. What about CHTX?

AntEx offers solutions for Defi platforms. What about CHTX?

AntEx is a new decentralized financial ecosystem. It provides comprehensive solutions for Defi developers, community, and project owners, promising outstanding improvements on each product. This ecosystem mainly focuses on changes and modifications in financial payment gateways. The team has already built VNDT stablecoin. It has the same value as VND fiat, as well as the support of most legal organizations.

Furthermore, the company will work to improve crypto asset management, along with creating better NFT Start-up incubators for new companies. AnetEx aims to be the most convenient, optimized, and secured platform for Defi users.

AntEx’s development team’s members are from around the world. All of them have extensive knowledge and experience in the crypto market, as well as the fintech field. Among the founders of AntEx are Shark Nguyen and Hoa Binh. Henry Tran is CEO, and Harry Tung is CGO. Lee Le is CTO, Van Tran is CFO, and Egan is CPO.


What makes this company unique?

AntEx has many advantages. For example, it issued a VNDT stable coin, which has the rate of 01 VNDT: 01 VND. Customers can use it for the exchange between digital currencies and fiat. This spearhead product helps fiat holders to access the crypto market in the safest and easiest way. Besides, VNDT stable coin boasts backed liquidity with VND by Ngan Luong. The latter is the payment intermediary licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam.

Ngan Luong also guarantees that all transactions between VND from the VNDT wallet and VNDT tokens will be safe. Its guarantee ratio is actually 01 VNDT: 01 VND. The intermediary’s system automatically connects the anti-money laundering assessment system. Thanks to that unique feature, VNDT Wallet stands out among other similar service providers. Furthermore, it is AntEx’s flagship product, which aims to expose the entire cryptos investment community to an anti-money laundering assessment system.

In addition, the company offers Antex-Blockchain Wallet, NFT wallet, and Defi Wallet. Its users will be able to discover, store, transfer, view, and display NFTs anytime from anywhere. Besides, customers will be able to collect multiple swap options among eight major DEXs, including Totle, Uniswap, Paraswap, Airswap, Curve, 1 Inch, Ox, along with optimized trading fees by applying smart contract scanning data technology.

AntLaunch and AntLock are other useful products. They solve various issues of current centralized or decentralized Launchpads. The customers can easily experiment with features on AntLaunch. They can also ensure absolute security with AntLock’s functionality.


How do AntLock and AntLaunch work?

AntLock allows users to lock their tokens. On the other hand, Lock Liquidity allows tokens holders to lock their liquidity pool coins for a certain period by sending these tokens to a time-locked smart contract. This process makes the investors confident that token developers won’t run away with invested funds.

AntLaunch is essentially an ILO Launchpad service provider. There is also IDOV – Initial DEX Offering and Vesting. It is a model of selective fundraising through DEX.

AntEx will allow its users to issue new tokens. Besides, the company plans to launch its native utility token, ANTEX. And customers will also be able to send and receive ANTEX on the DEX. In addition, they will freeze and release some coins or burn and destroy them. Users can send buy or sell orders through community-generated trading pairs and even recommend new trading pairs.

What’s more important, AntEx DEX helps users to safeguard their funds and secure their digital assets through decentralized wallet applications. Users are the only ones who keep the private key. As a result, he/she takes complete control of their private key and money.

What about AntEx Academy?

AntEx also founded its own Academy and Research platform – AntLab. According to the team, this will be the place where people can conduct in-depth research on blockchain technology, Artificial intelligence, and security technology to create core products for the global blockchain market.

AntEx plans to launch its native token’s ICO on October 10, 2021. The sale will end on October 17, 2021. 16,000,000,000 ANTEX will be available for sale for the price of $0.000180 per token. The company aims to raise $2,880,000 during the trade, and it will accept BUSD, USDT, and BNB in exchange for ANTEX.

The team issued its token on Binance Smart Chain. Thus, ANTEX is a BEP20 coin. Its total supply consists of 100,000,000,000 tokens. The company will distribute them according to the following scheme: 15% for marketing, 5% for the founder team, 16% for developing the ecosystem, 15% for developing technical features, 10% for reserve funding, 2% for the advisor, 2% for airdrop and bounty. Besides, there will be 16% allocated for Pre-sale, 5% for Seed round, 11% for Private sale, and another 3% for public sale.

What is Chatex, and when will its sale start?

Chatex is essentially a cryptobank. The founder team designed it to make crypto operations simple, secure, and accessible for all users worldwide and simultaneously keep the functional advantage over traditional banking. Currently, Chatex is the second largest crypto wallet, as well as the p2p exchange in-app platform for Telegram.

The company offers its customers to use Chatex Savings and Defi-powered collateral borrowing. It has the potential to become a full-fledged cryptobank with a wide range of opportunities. The company will help its customers store, exchange, buy, sell, and earn cryptocurrency fast and safely. Chatex already has an Android application for users who want deeper engagement.

The platform plans to launch its native token on September 16, 2021. The sale will end on September 21, 2021. 8,000,000 CHTX will be available for sale for the price of $0.025000 per token. That is 1.6% of the total supply. The team aims to raise $200,000 by trading its utility tokens, and it will accept USDC in exchange for $CHTX.

AntEx offers solutions for Defi platforms. What about CHTX?

How can customers use the $CHTX token?

Chatex Token holders can receive a discount on trading fees or increase deposit APY%. They can also increase farming APY% and get a discount on withdrawal fees. Furthermore, users owning the tokens will participate in the platform’s governance and vote on different decisions.

There are other features that the tokens holders will use with more advantageous terms. For instance, Chatex Smart Wallet will allow customers to store and transfer funds with lower fees conveniently. There is also Chatex P2P Exchange, which is one of the simplest ways to buy, sell and exchange crypto in few seconds. The $CHTX hodlers will have to pay considerably lower fees for such services.

Chatex Borrow is the quick solution when it comes to lending or borrowing funds. $CHTX token makes using this feature more effective.

Meanwhile, Chatex Savings enables users to gain considerably. It is essentially a CeFi-bridge between the regular crowd and passive income from DeFi. $CHTX token holders will have the ability to boost their profits while using this product, as well.

The company will launch 500 000,000 tokens. However, the initial supply will be 37,400,000 (7,48%). It has mapped out three rounds: seed, private and public. The team will use one-third of all generated fees for a CHTX token repurchase until at least half of all coins are burned.

Vlad Bulochnikov founded Chatex with his friends. He has rich experience developing billing systems, processing VISA/MC payments, banking software, the card back office, and kiosk Payment Systems.

Nowadays, the platform has more than 350k users. So, the company has decided to breach the DeFi gatekeeping nature.

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