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ALI token price prediction, what is Alethea token

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ALI token price prediction, what is Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence token

ALI token price prediction, what is Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence token

If you are keenly interested in NFTs, the crypto market, and Metaverse, you have probably heard of the ALI token (Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence token). The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is developed by the AiLink network located in Shanghai. If you want to know more about the ALI token, such as ALI token price prediction, its use cases, and the way it generally works, keep reading. At the end of the article, you will have enough information to make a knowledgeable decision on whether to buy Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence token ali price.

Let’s start with ALI token tokenomics and price analysis before we tackle the price forecast and see if ALI is a good investment.

ALI Tokenomics

Before we tackle the ALI token price prediction for the next couple of years, here is an overview of ALI token’s basic tokenomics.

● Market cap $20.44M

● Total supply: 10,000,000,000 ALI.

● Allocation of tokens

● Cash: 5%.

● Private sale: 20%.

● Strategic sales: 3%.

● Token Distribution Bid: 1.75%.

● Development of the ecosystem: 40.25%.

● Team and advisors: 20%.

● Marketing: 10%.

ALI crypto can be traded on BKEX and Uniswap exchanges.

ALI token price analysis – historical data

Currently, the ALI token ranks place #622 with a price of $ 0.0127831. Its circulating supply amounts to 1,606,511,090.97 and $10 Billion total supply. ALI token market cap is $20.44M today, and its market cap fully diluted is $108.13 Million. In the last 24 hours, the token has increased by 3.58. ALI token’s latest 24-hour volume is quite massive – $38,188,628.67.  

According to many ALI token analysts, the price of ALI could go up by 54.92% to $ 0.00004097 by November 7, 2022.

ALI token price decreased by -9.90% in the last couple of months on average.

However, all the results can change in hours and days, depending on the exchange you look at. If you aim to invest in ALI tokens, we advise you to do thorough research and see what crypto and NFT experts say. Below you can find the ALI token price predictions we have come up with by analyzing multiple sources such as Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Coinlab, and many more.

ALI token price analysis
Source: crowdwisdom.live

ALI token price prediction – Alethea Artificial Intelligence token price prediction

If you’re searching for ALI price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 and need to know where the value of the ALI token will go from now on, here is what specialists are talking about the future trading price of Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence token.

Here are long-term and short-term price predictions for ALI tokens from 2025 – 2030.

Remember to take this forecast as an overall idea of some crypto market specialists.

● ALI token price prediction for 2023 – According to the price prediction for the ALI token, its value should be between $0.0231 and $0.0254. But it could be as high as$0.0276.

● ALI token price prediction for 2024 – What is the Alethea Token value expectation for 2024? ALI token value would be between $ 0.027623 and $ 0.082955 ALI token is supposed to increase by 662.73% in the ideal situation by 2025.

● ALI token price prediction for 2025 – ALI token value would be between $ 0.035361 and $ 0.184020.It is probable to ascend by 1,594.19% in the ideal situation by 2026.

● ALI token price prediction for 2026 – Alethea Artificial Intelligence token is expected to arrive at the most reduced conceivable degree of $0.052 in 2026. According to our stats, the ALI price could arrive at $0.062 with an average price of $0.053. 

● ALI token price prediction 2027 – In 2027, Alethea’s Artificial Intelligence token is predicted to be around $0.077. Its value can arrive at the highest price of $0.091, with the typical exchange worth of $0.080 in USD. 

● Price of Alithea Artificial Liquid Intelligence Token ALI token price Expectation 2028 – The token could reach $0.11 in 2028. The Alethea Token value could arrive at a most extreme worth of $0.14, with an average trading price of $0.12 all through 2028. 

● ALI token price prediction 2029 – It could reach a value of $0.16. The ALI can arrive at $0.19 with an average worth of $0.17. 

● ALI token price prediction for 2030 could be valued at $0.25 in 2030. And it could arrive at $0.29 with an average of $0.25 all through 2030.

Now that you have some idea of ALI token price action and the future trading price of ALI token, it’s useful to know more about its usability and advantages. If your aim is investing in ALI tokens, you must understand the purpose of iNFTs and, specifically, the role of ALI tokens in the NFT space.

What is Alithea Artificial Liquid Intelligence?

In May 2021, the Robert Alice studios and ALI intelligence teamed up to make the first intelligent NFT” first of its kind. It was iNFT called Alice. For sure, this NFT depends on AI programming that utilizes a dialogue generation framework. Essentially, this implies that it is equipped for holding somewhat straightforward conversations.

Each AI language model is worked from a beginning text, an underlying report that shapes the premise of its jargon. Nonetheless, Alice can learn from every interaction and association with the crowd. This exceptional property of this NFT makes the knowledge base practically decentralized, and each time it changes its owner, it will grow its vocabulary and, afterward, its conceivable conversational outcomes.

This first iNFT sold at a price of $478,000 on Sotheby’s exhibition site. Be that as it may, it is by all accounts the first of its kind. When Alethea artificial intelligence’s protocol is finished, we’ll have the option to chat with #1 CryptoPunk.

In an August 24 delivery, Alethea simulated intelligence reported the end of its $16 million confidential symbolic deal. The arrangement united an amazing rundown of financial backers from all sides of the cryptosphere. The arrangement was upheld by Crypto.com Capital, Multicoin Capital, and Alameda Exploration, among others.

The subsidizing will be utilized to fabricate a “versatile simulated intelligence framework for NFTs” that will give computerized collectibles more powerful elements. Alethea desires to move the universe of NFTs past costly recordings and fine arts to “completely intelligent, drawing in and independent articles that can gain and develop from their current circumstance.”

What is Alithea Artificial Liquid Intelligence
Source: coinranking.com

ALI token Token use cases

ALI represents the native unit token on the iNFT protocol and applications derived from it.

Here are its use cases:

● Create NFT

● Upgrading iNFT’s “Intelligence Level.”

● Payments within the Alithea ecosystem

● Governance of the project Alithea

● Marketing

Major investors joined to participate in the Alithea Token Sale.

In an August 24 statement, Alethea announced the end of its $16 million private sale. This operation managed to gather an amazing list of crypto investors from all over the crypto sphere. The operation received support from Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, and Crypto.com Capital, among others.

Billionaire and NFT aficionado Mark Cuban also participated in this private sale. Indeed, Cuban has distinguished himself this year for his particularly optimistic statements on NFTs, which he perceives as a “game changer” on the scale of the art market. The billionaire has also launched his own marketplace NFT Lazy.com which also serves as a virtual art gallery.

The funding will serve to create a “scalable infrastructure for nonfungible tokens” that will enable digital collectibles to have even more dynamic characteristics. Alethea wants the world of NFTs to move beyond videos and expensive artwork to become an engaging, fully interactive, and self-contained ecosystem that can evolve and learn from their environment.”

What is iNFT?

iNFT, like the ALI token, is an interesting computer-based intelligence-controlled computerized item that has its own character and blockchain-oversaw proprietorship.

The term iNFT represents Nonfungible Smart Token. Basically, iNFT vivifies the unique NFT utilizing the collaboration of man-made brainpower.

Any NFT can be changed over completely to investment. This is accomplished by consolidating the NFT with Personality Pod. At the point when the NFT is combined with the Personality Pod, it acquires an exceptional simulated intelligence controlled character.

iNFT represents a strong new vehicle that not just looks to work on the utility of NFTs yet additionally opens up new monetary, imaginative, and social prospects as Noah Ark tries to involve it as a way to safeguard and develop the way of life, history, and aggregate insight of mankind. iNFT represents decentralized media that can serve others for their own motivations.

AVOTEO offers great opportunities to investors and creators

Is ALI token a good investment?

ALI token has a bright future and, therefore, can be a great investment opportunity. The project found support among big players such as Dapper Labs, Mark Cuban, Multicoin Capital, and many more. During a private sale phase, the project succeeded in raising approximately $17 million. Furthermore, Alithea recently announced support from BSC, which recently launched a 1 billion worth growth fund. Also, Binance Smart Chain bought a considerable amount of Alithea tokens. With many big institutional investors, ALI tokens should be considered a good long-term investment. If you invest in ALI tokens, you invest in the promising Metaverse project.

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