Community of creatives come together for Factory Markets in Albany, Auckland

Anna Thompson

People come to the Factory Markets in Albany, expecting to support small businesses.

The Factory Markets have been a part of Albany’s industrial district for the past two years and are still growing strongly.

Thirty-six stalls and nine food trucks came together for the market’s biggest turnout yet for its second anniversary in August.

Sinead Howard, founder of the markets, said the growth was “incredible”.

The Factory Markets in Albany primarily advertise on social media.

Anna Thompson

The Factory Markets in Albany primarily advertise on social media.

“We started off with four stalls and one food truck. It’s crazy to see how many creatives we have in the community.

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“I know so many people who have created stuff by themselves, by hand, and I thought what better way to create a platform for those artists to showcase their craft.”

Howard was inspired by visiting local markets around her and wanted to create something that was beneficial to young people.

“I wanted something that had small, boutique and handmade vibes.”

AUT University fashion design student Ella Manhire, who is sharing her Bang Bang clothing stall for the first time, said it was the best thing she could do for her business.

“People come here with their money expecting to support small businesses.

“It’s helped me get a lot of exposure and even if you don’t make many sales, at least you’ll get lots of followers on Instagram.”

The Factory Markets attract around 1000 visitors from all over Auckland and uses social media to promote the event.

“It’s a really easy way to connect with people and get them to see what sort of things will be on offer before they come.”

Emma Lovegrove, owner of Huia, who sells illustrations and handmade jewellery, thinks it is “awesome”.

“It’s so exciting. I haven’t been to a market that is as funky as this one. Everything is so original and beautiful.

“It’s so cool to have an environment where we can share all this awesome stuff.”

Howard said she and her team had lots of new ideas for the market.

“We definitely want to expand There’s always room for improvement.

“But right now, we’re really happy with what we’re doing and it’s been appreciated by the community and all the creators.”


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