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BUX Goes Zero – Ireland’s Got Something to Smile About

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BUX Goes Zero – Ireland’s Got Something to Smile About

BUX Goes Zero – Ireland’s Got Something to Smile About

BUX has this week announced the launching of Bux Zero – an investing app that charges zero commission. The app will first go live in Ireland, with more countries hoped to follow suit in its bid to expand to most European countries.

Since its inception in 2014, BUX has done nothing but stand out. Reporting over 500,000 clients worldwide, the Danish broker didn’t come to play. The broker was officially launched and is regulated in Denmark by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets.

The current location of BUX’s headquarters is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The brokerage gets its backing from multiple companies, including Prosus Ventures, Tencent, Velocity Capital Fintech Ventures, and HV Capital.

BUX’s secret to its success in Europe has been affordable investment opportunities to clients. The broker aims at getting rid of all the financial barriers, so everyone has equal investment opportunities.

BUX is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing neobrokers in Europe, and it plans to expand even further. The broker invests heavily in education, featuring some of the best resources on its platform.

They hope this will attract new clients and help existing ones continue to make sound investment moves. That ultimately leads to their growth. And their approach seems to be a success.

Expanding Across the Continent – The BUX Zero Launch

Apart from Denmark, BUX currently operates in Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, and Austria. And, recently, Ireland through its flagship platform – the BUX Aero. The program is also available in the 5 countries a.

BUX Zero is exclusively a mobile platform that enables clients to trade the over 2000 stocks available on its platform. The investment app charges zero commission, hence the name. It is currently available on Google Playstore and Appstore for Android and iOS users.

With the app, you’ll be able to open a free account, deposit, and withdraw – all for free. You’ll also be able to trade your favorite assets and stocks, go over investment plans and access rich educational content, so you make solid investment decisions.

Speaking about the launch, Yorick Naeff, the CEO at BUX, says the commission-free investing is aimed at making investment opportunities available for both new and existing clients to invest in their favorite companies.

From the 2008 financial crisis to the novel Coronavirus, the banking sector is among the ones that have received the biggest hit. Such happenings continue to narrow investors’ options, even pushing most of them out of the market.

The purpose of BUX Zero, as Naeff adds, is to bridge this gap. It does so by giving consumers multiple options on where to channel their investment funds. This comes in handy, especially for money-savvy clients with an appetite for digital financial service.

The BUX Zero flagship program is meant to change the common narrative in the financial sector where investing is only reserved for people with knowledge and enough capital to do so.

This, for the longest time, has been one of the reasons why navigating through the financial markets has been almost impossible for new entrants.

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