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Forex Success Stories – The Most Successful Forex Traders

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A Forex Trader Celebrating His Success

Forex Success Stories – The Most Successful Forex Traders

Forex success stories on huge capital returns that moved the global markets are scarce. The Forex trading success stories of the most famous Forex traders we reveal here are some groundbreaking moments in Forex.

Forex Trading Success Stories – Forex Traders Who Reached the Pedestal of the Forex Market

Forex success stories we talk about here are the record of the insatiable pursuit of dreams throughout decades.

All of them still represent the benchmark for the Forex enthusiast worldwide. We will scan through the real-life Forex success stories of George Soros, Bill Lipschutz, Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller.

We hope these will serve you as a motivation to venture into the lucrative Forex traders’ world.

Top 4 Forex Traders of all Times

1. George Soros

It would be awkward not to begin with George Soros Forex trading success story. The extent of his influence in the financial world is tremendous.

The story of Forex trader George Soros represents the Forex trading success story that drives the most attention.

The most famous and influential Forex trader in the world was born in 1930 in Budapest.

He moved to England after fleeing Hungary occupied by Nazis during World War II.

His financial career started with “Singer and Friedlander” in London in 1954.

He then worked in several financial companies until creating his investment fund in 1970, “Soros Fund Management.”

His company has generated more than $40 billion in profits over the past five decades, which is considerable.

But his international fame didn’t start until 1992 when George Soros became “The Man Who Blasted the Bank of England.”

Indeed, he then made over $1 billion after a short sale of $10 billion in pound sterling. On September 16, 1992, the UK withdrew its national currency from the European exchange.

It was inevitable due to failing to maintain the required trading range. And all this is because of the Soros transaction.

This incredible action is one of the highlights of his career. Thus, it confirmed his reputation and title as the best Forex trader of all time. George Soros is currently one of the 30 richest people in the world.

2. Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones was born in 1954 in Tennessee, United States. He studied at the University of Memphis, where he chaired one of the fraternities.

After obtaining his degree in economics, he started trading Forex in 1976, hired by the broker E.F. Hutton.

After two profitable years, he decided to apply to Harvard. But he finds that eventually, the school will no longer teach him anything useful for the job he loves. Instead, he founded Tudor Investor Corporation.

Paul Tudor Jones is known to predict and profit from Black Monday. Black Monday refers to Monday, October 19, 1987. This was when the world experienced a huge market crash. That day the Dow Jones lost nearly 22%.

Shortly before the crash, Paul Tudor Jones concluded that the market was going straight into the wall. Thanks to technical analysis and analysis of historical data from the S&P, he predicted the inevitable.

In order to take advantage of this, he massively shorted US stocks. Paul’s corporation made a huge profit of 62% on short positions.

Paul Tudor Jones earned more than $100 million in a single day. Finally, in 1992, he was appointed as chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

As the head of Tudor Investment Corporation, he managed over $13 billion. Forbes Magazine listed Paul Tudor Jones as one of the 40 highest-paid hedge fund managers.

Forbes estimates his fortune at $4.3 billion, which makes him the 345th richest man in the world.

For the record, a documentary titled Trader showing Paul Tudor Jones achieving his stroke of genius aired shortly after Black Monday.

However, he did everything in his power to ban other broadcasts. So he hastened to buy as many copies as possible. Hence the large public could not reveal his Forex trading secrets until recently.

3. Bill Lipschutz

Among the most famous Forex traders is Bill Lipschutz. He first obtained a BA in architecture, where he placed his first fictitious orders on the stock exchange following investment courses.

By the end of the Forex trading course, he had turned $100,000 into $29 million. Subsequently, he inherited $12,000, which he swelled to $250,000 in four years. But only to lose it all soon after due to too much leverage.

Lipschutz worked at Salomon Brothers for eight years, where he founded the Foreign Exchange department.

He was the best and most important currency trader there, generating 300 million dollars in one year.

It even allowed the company to grow into potentially the biggest player in currencies from scratch in less than ten years.

He then left Salomon Brothers to start his own currency trading business. The company was first a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch and then became fully independent under Rowayton Capital Management’s name.

4. Stanley Druckenmiller

His Forex trading success story started as being the former right-hand man of George Soros. Druckenmiller managed one of the most reputable hedge funds in the world. The presence of this legendary American investor made the world’s financial markets tremble.

We could only guess his influence on certain heads of state or large companies. He was behind the big shocks on the worldwide financial markets.

The Asian crisis, Latin America crisis or risky loans (subprimes) represented the chance to showcase his Forex trading expertise.

Stanley Druckenmiller does not have the reputation of George Soros, whom he served between 1988 and 2000, but he does. Thanks to him, the latter pocketed $1 billion.

They bet on the fall of the British currency, and rightly so. Britain devalued it. Since that day, his reputation has made him one of the best Forex trading success stories.

In September 1992, he was present during the famous Black Wednesday trade. He had made himself famous by “breaking” the Bank of England, forcing the pound sterling out of the European monetary system.

He was also Duquesne Capital Management (DCM) fund founder. During his remarkable career, he was always listening to an innate sense of out-of-the-box investing.

This “macro” strategist capitalizing on long-term economic trends was never in a losing money position in three decades. Despite the vagaries of the markets and maximum risk-taking, its funds posted breathtaking returns (over 30% on average). That was the case even during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

Forex Success Stories Lesson to Newbie Traders

All these real-life Forex trading success stories may seem totally out of the box to you. And indeed, they are.

Behind all of these Forex success stories lies consistency and passion for the job. This is how these famous Forex traders excelled.

As you could see, you don’t have to emerge from socially privileged circles to succeed. And you can reach success without holding a University degree like Paul Tudor Jones.

The Forex market is extremely volatile and often breaks those who are weak, overly emotional, and impatient.

Only a passion for trading can make you go through the strongest of the Forex trading storms.

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